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Texting My President 009

Disclaimer: It’s spelled the Valley of Elah not Ellah.

This is a work of fiction



My Relaxing Office Bling

Sorry bad pic. But check below for better ones.

We’ve just moved office a few weeks back, here at the antonym of OFF.

Did I mention I got back here?

Well maybe I will post about it some other time.

Since my work station is now bigger, I’ve decided to hang some pics on my work station wall.

I am rather proud of these pics, they make my work station look extremely relaxing.

Every time someone who visits us here for the first time, I keep calling out.

“Hey! Have you seen my new workstation?”

Adrian I know if you are reading this, you are probably laughing.

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Texting My President (008)

Disclaimer: I like fried chicken. But please do cook it someplace where no one, like maybe 5% of the city gets hassled. This is a work of fiction.


Texting My President 007

Disclaimer: Go watch the movie yourself if you like. Remember you can not make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. This is a work of fiction.

Texting My President 006

Disclaimer: I normally do not do requests but I am concerned for our upcoming mothers. This is a work of fiction.


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