Former officemates of mine constantly email or chat to me regarding their eating foods we used to go out and eat together. Back then this happened out of the blue or after a workout at the gym. Now that I don’t live in Cebu. I get everything emails, pictures not to mention the offhand way they type it in chat makes me salivate everyday about the foods we like to eat.

Here’s the first food, I do hope this takes you back to a nostalgic trip on this food (if your like me), or encourage you to try it. Although take note even for people from where I come from, they find some of the food exotic at the least.

Well let me start off with the first bowl.

This is Lansiao.

Well I have to tell you what it is first.

It’s made from a certain part of a bull. Well I hope the word Bull already gave you a clue.

For those slow in the uptake I did not mean the tail nor am I speaking of any appendages or extensions that said bull uses for locomotion, eating, seeing, hearing, defecating and making moo sounds.

If you still haven’t gotten it. I pray that you find a post about Lansiao, where the author is more direct than I am.  I prefer to be subtle regarding the description of this particular delicacy.

Of course, if you’re like me and you find that Lansiao is excellent to your palate. Good for you.

I honestly do not know what other ingredients the masters of this delicacy put in it. Lansiao is normally a nice sticky (wait, should I use the word sticky?) soup with pieces of meat floating in it. From the aforementioned bull parts.

I prefer crushing a few pieces of bird’s eye chili (sili para sa mga bisdak diha) too add some zing or hotness. And I normally ate a bowl together with a plate of corn grits. (kanong mais nasad mga bisdak)

With a saucer of local fish paste (ginamos) with calamansi happiness for 30 pesos. (It was 30 pesos the whole meal last time I had one.)

Of course I normally order extra Lansiao and/or rice so 30 becomes an easy 50-70  after a while.  Yes I know that’s a lot of Bull uhmmm ……….  parts. Yes parts.

Where to go:

Well the only place I know where I can have one is back in Cebu. Well if you happen to know where I can find here in the general Metro Manila. Do not hesitate to post. I mean it.

Of course not all stalls who serve this are good.  Some stalls don’t really use 100% premium grade bull parts. (there we go again) A Connoisseur knows. Also some don’t even slice it properly, you can even form the whole part with enough bowls of it. And sometimes it has hair(like the one in the picture.) I mean shave it people. Shave it.  (The Bull I meant the dead Bull.)

I prefer the meat diced, soup isn’t smelly, no hair.

The one I recommend is the place we frequent near the Mandaue Cemetery (Oh no!! It wasn’t a Bull’s!!)

Well I really hate to cut it off suddenly at this point.  But this is definitely one of the many things I will try once I get back to Cebu.