I’ve been a gamer for 22 years now in some capacity. Although I don’t do it professionally, which means I spend a good amount of money on this venture, I do not get a cent back to me. But such is the thing if you embark on a hobby/ past time.

My gaming hobby isn’t as high tech as most people like. I lean towards role-playing games, board games (no not monopoly, snakes and ladders), and table top wargaming. For an explanation on what these games are. I’ll write about them soon. Or you can of course wiki or google it, use thy search fu skills.  Recently, marriage and the arrival of the new geeklet has placed most, nay all, of these into the backseat for now. Someday I plan to dust off my paint brush and start on that Warhammer 40K Blood Angel Army I’ve been planning.

Although don’t get me wrong I do play computer games and I have dabbled in MMO’s. But for computer games, after playing campaign mode my interest wanes. For MMO’s after you get past the background of the world, the graphics, there’s not much story involved in the whole thing. Hence it’s only MMO not MMORPG for me.

This brings me to the point that when I play something I only need one reason to try the game.

Background story.

As long as the concept is unique, although due to the fact that I have read and played a lot (show off) , this requirement is now unique twists and packaging, I will play it.

(Chay famous that you are on ranting, get back on track please.)

(Ehem) Well as I was saying. It all started out with books. I read plenty of fantasy and sci-fi when I was a kid. I’d borrow from classmates. Read the occasional book in the library. Read an opened copy in the bookstore. Then one day, this was when we were still in Davao, I went into a bookstore there and saw this cover on the shelf.

Thanks to Bantam Books

Book Cover to Space and Beyond First Edition

What? I’m the Hero of the story? 40 possible endings? (Interest level skyrocketing!!)

I had to buy it. Well no, I did not buy it. This was back in 1988 and I don’t think a 10 year old carries a lot of cash on him then. Well if you did have money then, good for you. But I asked money from my parents. Wait, scratch that, I asked them to buy it for me.

Went home and started readingh it. I was amazed with the format, well normally it doesn’t really take much to amaze me. I was the hero of the story, I was going on a mission after being raised in a space station. Blah blah blah. Huh? I have to make a decision?

If I decide to split the muffin turn to page 4.

If I decide to kick the can turn to page 26.

Of course the choices were not like that. But you get the idea.

I was hooked.  It was a book and a game at the same time. DOUBLE WHAMMY!!!! I learned later that books of this kind we’re called game books. (wonderful, I wouldn’t have thought) And in retrospect Space and Beyond wasn’t the best title in the Choose Your Own Series. So each month I would ask my parents to buy me a new one. I couldn’t wait since I normally finish one in less than 2 weeks.

Taking this topic off track for a while. (again) I’m definitely buying the new editions for the little geek. I scoured the net and they have re published and made some new ones. A definite must have for our collection.

Going back 22 years ago, after I hit around a few books. I thought to myself. Hey isn’t there any way to have a game where I don’t limit my decision to around 2 – 3 choices, every time? Isn’t there a more freehand way of doing this pretend thing I’m doing? Then I decided to look at the back page of my Choose Your Own Adventure Books. I didn’t know when I bought the first one. That the answers we’re already there. This was the ad.

Look at that Big RED Dragon

Hold your breath for part 2. (soon I hope.)