What is D&D? Good Lord. If you call yourself  either a Geek, Geekdad and a gamer, and somehow you don’t know D&D, as my friend Nick would say. You missed half your life man. I mean it’s only the best role-playing game in the world. It’s the measure stick of all Role-playing game experiences. It is the penultimate Geek experience. Well the adjectives may be too much for some. But I love D&D. And I’d sure like to play it again.

What is Role-playing? Once again, please wiki or google this, there are tons of sites on the net that explain it.

Of course I do hope your idea of D&D isn’t particularly connected to this show.

Tiamat is ugly. This just can't be Tiamat. It must be her ugly and also evil twin.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like that show. I saw it before I rolled my first character. But since I already played D&D, the gamer in me doesn’t like it. The viewer though does. I like the way that the characters we’re contemplating of killing of the bad guy in one episode. I mean He-Man never thought like that against Skeletor.

Oh and I hated that Unicorn, it had that annoying voice/bleat, they should have cooked it when they ran out of food.

So back on topic.

Hey, Can I join?

Sure. We need a Cleric.

And that’s how it started.

Although, I could not remember their names nor could I remember what they look like. (They could have been imaginary for all I know.) I happened to pass by these kids(wait I was also a kid then) playing some game rolling numbered polyhedrons. I looked over and saw the picture of that ad in the back of my CYOA’s. This was in school btw, lunch break.

Well to make things short. I rolled up my character and played. This campaign was purely hack and slash and plenty of power play. Not very fun, if you asked me. We even tried that game for so-called better players Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. (Wow!!) And it was still hack and slash. I hated it. The only good thing was I got to make a Paladin. Until this day is still my favorite character class, if you ask me.

Did I not read the following statement in Basic Set?

“Your first step on the road to Adventure!”

This is a game that helps you imagine.

“As you whirl around, your sword ready, the huge red fire-breating dragon swoops TOWARDS you with a ROAR!”

See? You imagination woke up already. Now imagine: this game will probably be more FUN than any other game you’ve ever played!

The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game is a way for us to imagine together – sort of like reading the same book, or dreaming the same dream. But it’s a book that YOU can write, without putting a word on paper – just by playing the D&D game.

I mean this is how the game should be played. More on story. More on imagination. Less EXP and treasure finding. (pout) Of course I did not have a copy of the rules at that time. I also did not have my own group. (pout some more) I’m going to be the GM. I told myself. I’m going to save for my own book. (I now have Supermodel pout) While I’m at it I did not even own any other dice beyond a D6. (Angelina Jolie’s lips can’t beat my pout now) I will have my own group. I’m on my way to ….


(Ehem!) Excuse me.

And then we moved. First to la Union. Although I did meet a classmate there who did play. The games were few and far in between. And I remember getting more game books for me and my brother. (Yes!! 2 player gamebooks.) I’ll review them later. But first more eye candy. (Sorry no scantily clad women though.)

Thanks to http://www.gamebooks.org/index.php for the pics.

After a year in la Union, we moved to Cebu. And I must say the role-playing game experience for me moved up a notch. I somehow found friends who joined me in my games. My games. Meaning I was DM.  We made good stories and had a great time at it, and we still talk about them when we meet up for beer.  I’m talking black dragon puke, tearfully tearing character sheets, anger, I’m talking people who play D&D with passion.

Sorry those guys have to be mentioned in one post of their own.  Stay tuned.