This is not a rant regarding how I’m going to eat kimchi mindlessly. Nor is it some emo rant on going through life mindlessly. I am not an angst ridden person.

I am going to talk about foods I like to cook, although I want to try all the ingredients in the world. I just want to type away recipes on my favorite food to cook. Food that only takes a miniscule amount of brain power on my end to create, hence zombie mode.

First off, Kimchi.

Watch: Facing the Giants. I highly recommend it.

Chay your pinoy.

I know but I did learn how to cook Kimchi 5 years ago. And I have been making batches regularly. Well before I fall into the trap about telling you how I like eating Kimchi.

Let’s get on with the recipe. Please take note I have modified ingredient list and the way it’s traditionally done by Koreans to my own style. A lot of factors have forced me to evolve into making it in this way.


Chinese Cabbage or Napa Cabbage (Wombok)




Red Bell Pepper




Korean chili powder

Korean Lancefish Sauce (Or whatever local fish sauce if you want to be cheap)

What To Do:

Salt the cabbage. Sprinkle salt into each leaf and press. This will cause the cabbage to wilt. You will want the cabbage to give up all its moisture. Depending on the size of the cabbage, it normally takes around 2 hrs for a full wilt. You may of course get technical on me and call this pre-treating the cabbage. Either way, you have to do this.

While waiting. Peel and slice the rest of the ingredients to a manageable size. Ingredients that can be peeled and sliced, of course.

They made cry. The onions.

When I say manageable, I mean it can be processed in your blender or food processor. Sorry I’m not exactly lazy when it comes to slicing. But some times the sheer quantity of veggies seem daunting. So I decided to skip this all out and go electric here.

Place everything in except the chili powder. Blend into a slurry.

Mix the chili powder by hand into the slurry you’ve just created. I think this step should be done manually. Taste your sauce from time to time, depends on how hot you want it.

Due to the amount of time we just cut (saved Chay save), I’m sure your cabbage hasn’t wilted yet by the time your sauce is done.

Wilt!! I Command You!!! WILT!!!

You may now use the time to do something else which does not involve holding hazardous chemicals. Wash your hands of course before leaving your ingredients.

Once the cabbage is wilted. Place in the sauce. Do this layer by layer. So its leaf, slather sauce, leaf, slather sauce, you get the idea. Think Veggie lasagna.

Roll the cabbage. Well I slice. Then place in container.

Resist the temptation to eat. RESIST!!

Wait at least 3 days. Well I wait. Some of my Korean friends tell me 2 weeks. Who can wait two weeks? They can because I hear they make a fridge load of the stuff. And they make batches from time to time with the entire clan. So I hear.

Slice and enjoy. Great with grilled meat. But I eat it with any rice based meal.

There you have it. Comments and questions always welcome.

Stay tuned for more zombie mode recipes.