So the red cross was here in our plant today.

And as always, I donated blood.

The Blood God cares not who’s blood is spilled. As long as it is spilled!!!!

I was denied one time because I just came back from Malaysia. How could they deny me? I’m as healthy as a bull.

The Blood God will have your Blood soon!!! There is no escape!!!

Heck with my girth I might be mistaken for a bull.

I really like donating blood. I honestly believe you should do it regularly to replenish your supply. And my blood will be used to save someone.

Foolish Mortal!! We will use the collected fluids to satiate the hunger of the Blood God!!!

Due to the denial last time, I was excited to donate this time. Wait, I’m always excited to give blood.

Thats it!! More! More!!! hahaha!!

I went and…..

They were not there yet. They were late.

Denied!! Come back!! Your Blood must FLOW!!!

So I waited an hour. Which of course increased my excitement more.

Yes!! That’s it. The agitation will make your life fluids all the more sweeter.

And I went, yet again. This time they already set up. They gave me a form.

It was in tagalog. Good Lord. My brain had to go through the process of converting the words from tagalog to english.

I’m sorry patriotic people, but when I think the words are in english.

I had to grapple with the words.

Here’s an example: Nakipagtalik ka ba sa kapwa mo lalake?

What? That’s a no dude. (Hindi on the form.)

Well if I remember the english form, I say no to everything except the question where they ask me if I know blood can carry HIV.

Enough dribble!!! LET IT FLOW!!!

So naturally I did the perfunctory tests. Time to lie down and donate.



Oh and before they stick the needle. I always get nervous, the second before it punctures my skin.

I don’t know, did this a dozen times, but it still happens. Every time.

Although nothing much was new to me. This guy gets a D- for being so quiet.

Not exactly feeling chatty aren't we?

I mean this is a rather sanguine experience for me.  And this guy only answers my questions. Entertain me you dolt.

Hey, the last time I donated, the nurse was rather friendly and effusive to boot.

I’m not exactly asking for my bleeder (is that the term?) to be verbose. I just want him to do it with a smile.

This cow does not take joy in the blood letting? BLASPHEMY!!

Anyways, finished everything in 10 minutes.

We must have it!!!

Rested for a while on the bed for 5 minutes.

They gave me a cookie, juice and an aborted duck to eat.

Look at that old card. Since 2004!!

I do hope my blood will be used to save someone.


Hope they’ll be back in 3 months.