Hi guys, sorry if I haven’t been posting in a while.

I was travelling the other week, and my creative juices have been in a rut after that trip. (more on this later)

I’ve finally done it!! Quest almost complete!!!

The Coin Bank's Capacity Was Not Enough

680 pieces of 25 centavo coins have been collected.

Thank you so much to the following people who’ve helped me in some way on this quest. Your support made it happen guys.

Geraldine : For the little coin bank.

Sam: For making the initial count.

Jun : For making me dream bigger. (The initial plan was just for toll fee.)

The contributors:

Ate Liza, Ate Nora, Van,  Melai,  Noyli, Shei, Loloy, Armie, Leo, Tere, Abby, John B, Kiko.

If I haven’t mentioned you here, tell me. I can always go edit post anyway.

I plan to do the purchase next week.

Venue: Shell Mamplasan

Date: April 23,2010 Lunchtime (or more like after lunch to be almost exact)

If you happen to be in the vicinity and want to tag along and witness this event.

Starbucks will open its doors for you. See you then.

Baristas prepare. (Mwahahaha)

I will post pics and hopefully a video also.