Well I did it.

I took my collection of coins to Shell Mamplasan station.

I made my order. Of course the perfunctory questions came.

What size is your Green Tea Latte sir? Venti.

You want the hot one sir right? Yes of course.

That would be 160 pesos please.

(plunk) You should have seen the look on their faces when they saw the container full of 25 cent coins.

It was a mixture of shock and disbelief. They were flabbergasted.

I’m not sure if it’s captured on the video but I definitely saw it.

Of course barista’s are smart, they’re not waiters as my brother was very adamant in this point when he did work as one.

Nor are they just coffee brewers.

“Chay, I’m not a waiter. I’m a barista.”

I keep remembering that everytime I take my order in a coffee shop. My brother was witty and smart the way he approached his job. And I have yet to see/encounter a Barista who’s sour/asinine or just down right rude. Too bad I can’t say that for some people.

(Hey Cujo!! Are you reading this? This means you.)

So what did they do, they weighed it. Kudos to those guys they weighed it.

It did take some time, but I think it cut out 95% of the actual time if they went at it piecemeal.

Thanks to Barista Mark who gamely did the weighing and took this pic with me.

The manager even went, “Sir next time, you can do it with 5 cent coins.”

What?!?! You dare!!! Well that’s a challenge if you ask me.  New Quest!!! Time to start collecting 5 centavo coins.

Highly doubt this will happen. Too many factors required. (The specific manager, me and God knows what.)

But I will collect. I will collect. (I hope.)