Obviously this post is a bit late, seeing that plenty of people are pretty sure who the current 6 year pop ruler will be. Although I’m sure some of you are wondering what my thoughts are on the recent election, I prefer to have my colleague and good friend Sam do the honors on this one. We talked and I totally agree with his sentiments

I’m now more concerned in sharing with you my first ever experience on the wonders of automated voting. Yes automation, that word which speaks wonders in our fast paced world especially for people like me who work in a manufacturing environment. Automation, the bane to slow, menial, repetitive process and have it done by one machine. Wunderbar!!! Hey Autobots start with auto also. (doh!!)

Well due to the fact that I was simply suffused with so much excitement to try it out I left the house early.


Well, let me tell you right now that, sometimes it does not take much to amuse me. I even skipped breakfast as I was so sure I would be back in less than 45 min. Here’s the projected breakdown on the time I will take to go back and forth.

 Walk to nearby school – 10 min (it was downhill)

Look for precinct                      – 10 min

Vote                                         – 10 min

Walk Back Home                     –   5 min

How optimistic can you be Chay?

In a word, very. It’s automation. 😀

 So with Barangay number and precinct number on hand I entered the school and easily found where I had to vote. This watcher asked me to sit with some people in a waiting area. A waiting area how quaint.

After twenty or so minutes I was starting to worry as the so called waiting area was starting to fill up. The words sardine can and hot house we’re starting to pop into my brain. Oh no something is wrong. True to form the watcher told us we had to wait since the PCOS machine hanged up. Strangely I was not disappointed my line of work has already prepared me to the fact that no new system ever passes with flying colors, I waited.

 For an hour.

 Although after the day was done, I heard that other places had to wait for almost half the day to vote. As I’ve said no complaints. I amused myself by challenging myself to staying put in my chair, as any movement would have been uncomfortable. They made everyone sit in chairs made for grade 2 students. And I’ve recently converted to Defensive Tackle so my girth has increased. Shut up Chay your fat. Oh well perseverance is key.

Everyone else around me was talking . They knew each other, I realized I was the odd man out. Odd fat man out. But I waited, I did come here to exercise my civil rights. I continued amusing myself by mentally computing if my weight would result in the chair reaching its point of failure, and of course thinking of the possible ways of what I will do if that happens. Should I tip my body this way and land on the guy to my right or the other way and squash grandma over here? Thank God for an imaginative mind.

After the aforementioned hour the guy finally called up the first ten to vote. Woohooo!! Civil rights time!! Perfunctory questions were asked and the ballot was given. Time to shade the desired egg shaped circle. Huh? Yes let me type that again the egg shaped circle. Isn’t it simply called an oval? No wonder the country in general can’t choose properly, we allow erroneous definitions of shapes to be aired like this on air. It even has that pervasive jingle. Here let’s look at the chorus.

 There’s a circle. There’s circle that is shaped like an egg.

I mean honestly you can not come at me and say that a circle in layman’s terms is just a shape with no angles. A circle is equidistant from its center. An oval is not. Just wiki the mathematical formula’s people they are not the same. Ah never mind I will give it now.

 Circle:  X² + Y² = r²

Oval(Ellipse):    (X²/a²)  + (Y²/b² )  = 1 (Correct me if I’m wrong on this one.)

I know the intent of the song is good, but please put some thought into what you are putting into our kid’s brains before you make it. It’s just up there with such inane and trashy entertainment that Filipinos cater to. At the start we are allowing so called entertainment to stupefy the people. Please if you have kids and you want them to make smart/good/decent decisions when they get older do not let them watch trashy Filipino shows. Don’t’ let them watch trashy shows period.

Now that the opinion is out of the way. I finished up my choices and went to the machine. I even asked if there was a certain alignment that the ballot had to be entered. No there wasn’t. Ah the method of insertion idiot proof. Automation.

I got my finger manicured after the ballot was accepted. Thumb marked on the sheet said thank you to the teacher. Went home. Total time 2 hours plus. That’s ok. At least the tallying was quick. See you again in 3 years PCOS machine.