So my brother came over last weekend. 

Naturally I dusted off my boardgames. It was playing time again. 

Our old favorite is Zombies from Twilight Creations. 

Die Zombies!!! DIE!!!


Now why is this game fun? It’s a nod to the zombie film I like which is George Romero’s Dead series. The elements in the game are inspired by a lot of things in Romero’s movies. Did I tell you there’s a helicopter escape? The game is not exactly a board game per se.  It’s a tile based game where your goal is to escape the zombie horde by getting to the helipad or be the baddest shotgun guy by killing of 25 zombies. Due to the number of tiles the map is never the same every game. It’s not only a game of zombie killing but it also gives you a hand into urban design. Of course the game is not as straight forward as that. Each player holds a set of cards which changes the rules of the game. Or mess up the opposing player(s) game. Crab mentality I know. Oh and up to 6 people can play this. 

I’m not really in the mood to be verbose in my description of how our game went so I will just tell you the story of our game through a series of pictures. 

Here we are at the end of my brother’s turn. (he won the die roll to go first) I happen to control the flesh colored shotgun guy. Yeah with a monicker of shotgun guy, how could you not like this game? 

On the Left the center of town. Where we all start.

Bottom of turn five (5), my brother has already made a lot of kills at this point. But due to the fact I’ve been rolling nothing but 1’s and 2’s for my movement. I’m still on the second tile. 

The town is slowly being revealed.

Here we are again at turn 16 I think.  My brother is in combat with a zombie. And My fleshy shotgun guy is getting a skateboard at the skate shop here. 

Roll a 1 Jay!!! 1!!!!An Eavesdropper arrived.

Bottom of turn 18 again.  Naturally more of the map is revealed. And the Zombie horde is now, well, a horde. Zounds. And wait, there’s that eavesdropper again. Who could it be?

There's that guy again. What is he doing?

Closer inspection reveals it to be Brother Zael and his Heavy Flamer from my other board game Space Hulk. Brother Zael is just raring to go cleanse and burn the foul zombie scum of the map. Sadly he’s not part of the game or this system. Sorry Brother Zael.

Did I mention that I painted him myself?

And on the game went. My brother’s shotgun guy died and respawned at the center of town. I happen to have fattened up on resources as the game went along. And finally the Helipad showed up. (It’s always at the bottom of the tile deck.)

There it is!!! Escape!! Escape!!The Helicopter is surrounded by Zombies. How convenient!

And thats’s the way the map looked. I actually don’t remember who won. Nor do I care. As long as my bro and I got together to have a blast with our old games.  Hope you come visit me soon Jay.