We went home to Bohol last weekend.

While I was out buying fish for our dinner, I happen to see this little thing in the ice bucket.

So small just enough for one meal.

Seeing it was cheap. (PHP70.00 per kilo. WOOOHOO!!!) I had to purchase it. Time to avenge my good friend Steve Irwin.

I really love eating stingray. The flesh is so soft and it easily comes off the bone. The wing(flipper?) parts are so good even the cartilage can be eaten. I especially like the taste of it liver. It’s quiet soft and has that sweet and bitter taste. I know its oxymoronic but the flavor tends to switch between the two.

There are many ways to cook stingray. Pagi in Filipino. (Are You Sure?) Yes they call it Pagi wherever I go in the Philippines.

Sometimes its cooked in a sauce made with blackbeans. Kyampao (correct spelling?) back in Cebu.

I hear they grill it though I’ve never tried.

I tried a certain recipe in Korea named Hung-ah(spelling again). The stingray is set aside for a week. Essentially allowing it to rot. Then it is sliced thinly. It’s served straight with grilled pork and you eat it by wrapping both a slice of pork and stingray in Kimchi. Quiet good if you get past the pungency of the stingray.

Ok so I just learned its spelled Hong-eo

Anyway I was not out to recreate this Korean delicacy. Knowing that I did not have a week. And I had no intention of making my In-Laws house stink with the scent of rotten fish.

I had it cooked Linarang style.

Now Linarang is a fish based stew with coconut milk. Obviously it works great with Stingray as the stingray easily cooks well and I did mention the flesh is so soft. Of course the down side to this is you have to eat it right after cooking. I find oftentimes that Linarang na Pagi just doesnt go well even an hour after cooking. Still tasty of course but the stingray consistency isn’t there. I find it slightly tough. Maybe because of the prolonged heat.

Yeeey!!! Time to eat!!

And so Steve Irwin was avenged again.