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Man if trikes were like this. I'd go to work everyday in one.

So of course we’ve heard the stories. And I’m sure you’ve experienced them also.
Being the self promoting person that I am (obvoiously I’m writing a blog) I will tell you mine.

I was out for lunch with my group mates at work. We we’re about to go back to the plant and I of course suggested riding something else going back to the plant.

“Sakay nalang tayo ng tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kȯl).”True to most cliches they laughed at my (to them) weird inflection of the word.

Now I don’t know why, but everytime I speak in tagalog I tend to pronounce certain words in the Cebuano inflection. It’s weird but then again we’re all allowed our own little quirks. If I had said it straight in english, I would have said.
“Let’s just ride a tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kəl).” Which of course is the correct pronouncation of the word.

Of course if someone from Luzon said it in Cebu.
“Sakay nalang tayo ng tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kel).”
Then the Visayans around him will have a hey day with the pronouncation also. (Lord what fools these mortals be.)

But of course, that got me thinking.
The Luzon tricycle (which we will mention from this point forward as Tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kel)) and the Visayan tricycle (which we will mention also as Tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kȯl)) do not look the same.

Of course as an fyi what we Filipinos know as tricycle is called an auto-rickshaw internationally. Just like our jeepney is also called a half-taxi. Go figure, but until the day I die they will be known as tricycle (ehem ˈtrī-sə-kəl) and jeepney to me. (Jeep for us Filipinos.)

Let’s get back at the design variations. For ease in description, I have decided to place a visual aid.

There is a difference.

And there we have it.

Of course if you’ve been around the Philippines you can see there are several variations to the design per province.

If you actually go to Cebu, there are differences in design per city. (Go to Mandaue then Talisay in one day. Trust me, its obvious.)

The thing is there may be a point to calling them Tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kȯl) and Tricycle(ˈtrī-sə-kel) after all.

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