Ok, two straight league doormats for now. I know the Ram’s posted a woeful 1-15 record last year. Good Lord. I even thought they were going to be another yet another winless team for the record books.

Gone are the days that the St. Louis Rams have been the greatest show on turf.  2002 was the last season I saw that team, well a whole lot of that demise is due to the fact that Marshall Faulk went on the cover of Madden 2003.  Well nothing lasts forever I guess.

Well, I don't think we'll see a team like this for a while

Well the Rams aren’t exactly a great team. They did get no. 1 pick Sam Bradford this year. But until proven otherwise, I have read of the horror stories of no.1 QB picks going down the drain since the team never established a decent offensive line. (e.g. David Carr, Brady Quinn, and others too many to mention.) So I’m not exactly excited on Bradford for now. The player I eye out on the Rams is.

Player to Watch and Why:

Steven Jackson (Running Back)

Did I mention to you how much I like the Stiff Arm? Well, I like it. Period.

Well this is just about it. No one else other than no. 39 is a legit pro bowl player for the Rams. One of the few players to fearlessly sport dreadlocks during a game. Fact: Grabbing the hair outside the helmet is ruled a legal tackle. Hair outside the helmet is considered part of your uniform. I guess this is to tell people what risks they put themselves into if they get this style, it’s not disdained they just don’t encourage it.  (i.e. You wear it, make sure you don’t complain.) Of course the doo also makes him look so much like Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda, which to me is just so many levels cool. Other than the coolness factor, this Dude of course has legit football skills.

With a physical running style putting him into the hybrid power-speed back category,  Steven Jackson breaks tackles by bulldozing a defender head on. (A style of running I definitely like.)  Look at his career stats, and this shows just how beastly he is. Take note people that the Running Back is the most punishing position in American Football both in the taking and giving. In open space, he can break away from the pack easily. Given the propensity for most teams to do Running Back by committee (a move to protect Running Backs, pansies) , Steven Jackson is also in a dying category, that of a featured running back.

With a look of a genetically modified human and a running style I like. I want Steven Jackson in one of my fantasy teams this year. Oh and while we’re at it, go check this video of him and Shawn Merriman made by Nike. (Alert: Shawn Merriman comes first.)