Well we all know the outcome. But if it weren't for that super lucky swing. Isildur will have his head crushed.

Wow I haven’t been writing in a while.

I apologize to the people who come in and check out my blog from time to time.

Yes I do look at the graph, thanks guys. Then again someone could have just bumped into my blog by using Google-Fu.

Well let’s kick off. As we all know I am a very avid gamer. Although I haven’t been active in that scene lately, I do recall some recurring questions gamers ask each other every now and then.

Now I’m not sure if you do get asked or ask this in your gaming group. Or your circle of friends for that matter. But the question does open up a lot of scenarios to talk about. I tend to hear it like this.

“If you were in a fantasy/medieval setting what armor and weapon will you bring?”

I’m not going to write down what I’ve heard all through the years. I mean I’ve asked tons of people and also people who weigh a ton. 🙂

I will now put into writing my answer to this question, this is just to put it out here on the net. Plus if I don’t have time to explain, I can always go, please check my answer on the blog. 😀

I will wear Full Plate Armor and carry a Heavy Mace.


First off the armor.

I never imagined any of my characters to be the quick, nimble, dodge type. I always tend to make characters that are big, strong bulldozer types. Speed will be nice. But I’m talking flat out speed. No evasions, no side stepping. I like them to take hits. I like to think of a linebacker charging down a Quarterback on the blitz. (Yes I know there’s a tendency for me to reference American Football from time to time.)  Wading into the fray or charging straight to the eventual target. You never know how big the melee is.

Of course realistically no man can take all these hits and just walk away smiling. So how to smile away all those hits?

Full Plate Armor!!! DUH!!!

Naturally someone will ask, what if the battle starts far away, and people are shooting arrows at you?

Why do we always assume there’s a battle anyway? Well the discussion naturally veers in this scenario. Man is a naturally violent animal I guess.

The answer is pretty straight forward for me. I will lay my head low and charge them. They will not best me with their puny flying sticks. I will charge until I am smashing into their lines wrecking righteous vengeance, swinging left and right laying down my almighty fury. Bashing heads, breaking arms, crushing lungs with my….

Heavy Mace!!! YES!!!

I like maces and all types of blunt weapons. I tend to stay away from swords since they tend to be so cliché. Everyone seems to like swords, I guess we have stories like King Arthur and Hollywood movies to blame for this. Also, since we’re on track on the battle scenario, what if the commander of the opposing force was also wearing full plate armor? I only aim and do damage at the soft areas like the elbow and knee joints? Not your glorious hero vs. hero fight if you ask me.

I always believe that as long as you land a solid hit with a mace you will always do damage regardless of where you hit.

BAM!!! Broken Arm!!

BAM!!! Dislocated Shoulder!!

BAM!!! Smashed Leg!!

BAM!!! Crushed Lung!!

BAM!!! Popped Eyeball!!

BAM!!! Concussion!!

BAM!!! Leaking Grey Matter!!

Relentless Fury!!! (ehem) Sorry got carried away. Of course if we want to get technical about it maces were invented to counter plate armor in actual history. This is due to the fact that swords can only penetrate the exposed joints as mentioned earlier. Hmmm…. Mental note hit the copy cats first.

Once the battle is done there will always be a clean up action. We have to regroup, check our losses and see the overall picture once the battle is over.  We now have a field of crippled/concussed and broken people, who can’t rise from the heavy blows dealt. Do we take them with us?

No prisoners please.

BAM!!! Pulverized Skulls!!

Ah sweet victory.