I should have posted this sooner. But other things got in the way. Oh well.

I joined a company organized fun run a few weeks ago. But this post starts a long time before that.

This one starts around 13 years ago. (Whoah! Chay this will be a really long read.)

This will be quick I promise.  🙂

I played a basketball game one night with my classmates in college. We we’re at this indoor basketball court in the middle of a market place.

Well let me tell you straight off the place wasn’t exactly clean. On one play I went up for a block. Ok, before the comments come in I just went up to get in the guys face to somehow mess up his shot. I came down, and for the life of me I do not know why it was there, stepping on a piece of plastic. I twisted my knee on it. I immediately layed down on the floor clutching my left knee in pain.

I had no way of checking what happened to my knee. The only thing I could afford at that time was an X-ray. Then and until now an MRI is expensive. After a few months I played again. But my knee would lock from time to time.

I graduated, I got into several jobs. The knee kept acting up from time to time. There was one time it would just lock that I needed help just to get to work. Thanks Brian D for picking me up and taking me home. 🙂

But still I never had it checked, I still could not afford the MRI.

Just when we were planning to get married. I got a job here in Luzon. In case your wondering here’s my linkedin account (CHAY), it’s the company before the antonym of OFF. This was crucial as I was able to transfer here, my wife was already working here for 5 years and it would have been hard for her to find a job down south.

Just like now, the company I was working for had a shuttle bus service for their employees.

And so 4 years ago as I was coming in to work, I came down a short flight of stairs. Ok fine it was actually just 2 steps. My right foot stepped on a piece of plastic. (What is it with me and plastics?)

I slipped.

I tried to recover.

I did.

But I landed my left leg straight down on the floor.


I called someone in the shuttle to wait for me.

I was limping towards the shuttle. At this time I thought my left knee was just locking up again.

(On a side note, the guy I asked told me that someone in the shuttle said: “Ano ba yan? Nag pahintay na nga ang bagal pa maglakad.” [What? He asked us to wait and he has the audacity to walk slowly.] Oh well.)

I was thinking during the trip that the knee would loosen up after the ride. But it was still painful when I got off the bus.

I went to the clinic.

And the knee was swollen.

I was told to go to an orthopaedic surgeon.

I went.

He told me three letters that I dreaded. MRI.

I was thinking. OH EXCREMENT!!! Where will I find money to pay for that?

Little did I know that the company HMO can pay for it. MRI will be absorbed by HMO. Wow!!!

I went back to the doc.

He said. “You have a partial tear in your ACL and MCL. You need an arthroscopic surgery to take away the tear.”

OH EXCREMENT AGAIN!!! Where will I get money for that?

Company HMO again. Operation answered by HMO. I’m starting to like those three letters combined.

So I had it scheduled. This was my first time in my whole life to be admitted in a hospital by the way.

I went under the knife. I did not go to sleep though. I mean if you want to see what the mechanic does to your car when you have it fixed, would’nt you want to see what the doc does to your knee? I saw the tear on my meniscus taken away. I also saw my ACL was no longer in crux shape. But that’s for another day/another time.

Let me say we only payed for the crutches. I heart you HMO!!!

I recovered.

No more pain unless I do abuse the knee.

No more locking up.

I transferred jobs 3 months after that operation.

4 years later I decided to join the fun run. I think my knee could take it. Well of course I had to lose some poundages just to be sure.

I ballooned to somewhere around 90 Kg. (200 lbs for british unit users)

So I ran.

It was raining that day. But it stopped at the right time as I was running beside a field.

As I was running, I could not help but be thankful to God for everything that has happened to me.

Thank You God for this life.

Thank You God for the things that happened that lead me to this day. (My marriage, My transfer and everything in between.)

Thank You God that I found work with HMO. And still am!!!

Thank You God for allowing me to see the wonder of everything you created.

I realized then that my run would be a testament to all the good things God has done for me.

Thank You.

GO FAT BOY!!! GO!!!!