Take a Good Look cause this pic definitely influence my gaming

I just have to get back to this series, I mean the count actually went up by one since last time I wrote.

Where was I? Oh yes our family were about to move to Cebu.

If you are wondering why we keep moving around, my father works in a company with a molusc name and logo, and we tend to move around every now and then because of it.

So there I was about to start my second year in high school at a new school. The place not so new, my mother’s family is from Cebu. The other new thing was it was an all boys school which was slightly weird for me at the start, having schooled co-ed ever since. But that’s out of topic.

Well right before we transferred to Cebu, I happened to pick up this game at a computer shop. (Pick up Chay?)

Ok I copied. I copied. Yeesh.

The Memories (Click to See Original Artwork)

On a side note. There’s always something about Larry Elmore’s art that catches my eye quickly. First that ad behind CYOA, then this. Thanks for the great artwork Mr. Elmore.

The game was titled Secret of the Silver Blades. (Yes Chay we can read that.) It was actually part three of a four part  series of games. Which of course I got, (Got?), ok copied later on. Let me tell you this game was the BOMB during that time. It has everything I like in a game.

Great Story.

Great Gameplay.

Great Visuals. In 4 colors!!! Wheeee!!!!

What was more important was there was a manual. Since the game was based on Dungeons & Dragons a lot of D&D stuff was in it. Character stats table. Experience tables. Equipment. Spells commonly used.

I was thinking.

Hey I can live with just this material and play D&D with some people.

I don’t need to buy the big hard bound book ASAP.

All I need is to come up with a good story to keep people challenged.

I don’t need the entire rule set. I can wing it for a while.

We can just save for manuals later. Now who to play with?

You would not believe how I found people to play with. Remember I was second year high school. We had a biology class at that time. Now this was conducted in a lab. I just said straight out. Dungeons and Dragons. I just felt like saying it.

My seatmate at that time was Tejano, good Lord I forgot his first name. Since Tejano came after Tan. He heard me say it. He goes.

(You play that?)


(I play that game with my brother. )

Really? Can we play.

And thats how it started.

I manage to recruit Joemarl Nemenzo, Glenn Rusiana, Michael Siasoyco and later on Nick with the group.

And we played.

Of course Tejano left us later. But I continued to run the games.

We played ok. We borrowed what rules Tejano could lend us. Equiped with some stuff from the SSI manual, we did it. We played.  The guys like it so much, kept requesting a game anytime and anywhere we can squeeze in a short encounter. They would take their sweet time to make their own personalized character sheets. It was just insane.

After doing this for a few months I wanted to stop for a while. I somehow decided to mellow down a bit and focus on studies. Also those sudden requests for a game gets on you after a while. These guys were enthusiastic but hey give me a break some times.

Yet I know they did not want me to stop. I decided to end the campaign.

Now remember the pic at the top? I thought. How did Riverwind die again?

So I brought in an encounter for these guys. I sent in a Black Dragon.

Well they were somewhere around level 7 I think at this time. I did not send in a small Black Dragon.

I was thinking Onyx.

I have to send some Black Dragon as big as Onyx. Wait BIGGER!!

Time to make Onyx puke on them.

Boys roll saving throws!!!!

Well let me just say a dwarven fighter/thief, a cleric, a mage  and I think a fighter died on dragon puke that day.

There. I thought.

They are so going to hate me now they are no longer going to play with me.

Well some of the guys just looked at their character sheets. I noticed that they were holding back tears.

Someone just looked at me straight and tore his character sheet down the middle.

Oh no. I did not expect they could not take character death that easily.

They did not hate me. I thought they were going to hate me.

But instead of hate I got grief.

Grief for someone they created. Grief for someone they can project themselves into for the last few months.

Grief for someone they identify with.

I realized then that its not just a simple character death. Its the death of your own creation.

I don’t feel that bad if my character dies. But I saw that day that if played well and played wholeheartedly, not in hack and slash, the game takes on a different dimension.

And so after bringing in a Black Dragon to kill off a party of adventurers, I did the worst thing that could happen to a story.

I did my own Deus Ex Machina, I brought in a wondering cleric to ressurect all of them.

Smiles all around. 🙂

Well I had 2 more years of high school to see these guys.

Stay tuned what else we did during those days.