Thanks Brian for telling me to get on with writing this series.

I did not realize people were waiting. 😀

Oh wait sorry, forgot to start with eye candy.

I had to search Cleric to get this image. But I wanted a mace weilding Paladin.

 I just like Paladins, and also clerics. My man crush for this character types go way way back. I’m not sure if its the combination of holy spells and warrior skill sets, I can never tell. Is it because they have the power to vanquish the wicked, malevolent or demonic things that physically plague the world? Is it because they can heal the wounded, feed the hungry and help the sick? Or is it because these guys have more faith in a higher being than I could ever muster? I will never know. The holy warrior archetype will always be the “it” character for me. Did I already tell you that? Yes I did in part 2 of this series.

I digress, remember those guys I were telling you about last time in the series? Well there we were in second year high school and well I decided to continue the campaign. But after a couple of months I could not keep my heart in it again. I finally had to tell the guys we had to cool off. Hey guys its not you, its me. I’m just not into gaming for now. Call it burn out or what, I didn’t want to game for a while.

Well guess what happens to young people who get spurned off, well lets just say they start irrationally hating the person who rejected them.

It was insane.

For one semester, every time I would meet those guys they would look away. They did not even bother to say hi. Of course gaming addicts that they were they ended up with Brian. They decided to take the characters they have and play in their own campaign.

I do have to mention they had this standing rule in the group to not talk to me. Strangely if you violate this rule you will also be ostracized from their group. Whatever you do in this group, that rule can never be broken. It was so strict that someone did get expelled (or did he leave?) and was hanging out with me again. Hey guys guess who this is? Some (Or is it just one?), needing advice would stand in the adjacent urinal during bathroom breaks and ask me, in the softest of whispers, for fear of being labelled as the second coming of Judas. You know who you are Mr. How much damage does Clairvoyance really do?

 So now what?

Well I do hope those guys don’t get angry at me. I’m hoping not seeing that we talk and laugh about it over a couple of beers from time to time when we’re waxing nostalgic about high school days.

They we’re actually biding their time to get enough XP, take note not nerve, XP.

In whatever horridly cranked up hack and slash way they steroid up their characters.  How? I never asked.

But I do remember what happened the day they decided to do it.

Nick, I’m sure it was Nick, comes up to me and goes. “Hey Chay you want to bring your Paladin from your old campaign up against my character in a duel?”

I was thinking. What? “Why Nick?”

“Oh we just want to see how it goes.”

I took it at that statement. “Hey sure. Why not?”

So the date was set, we settled it at lunch break at one of the small tables ringing around the open court middle of our school. I still remember which spot actually. Saw it when I went back to get my brothers report card.

I went taking my old character sheet along. I just wanted to see what they have been doing for a while, I mean clairvoyance damage, of course.

“Ok. You start across each other in the middle of an arena. What do you do Chay?”

“Uhm. I will draw my weapon.” Holy Avenger I think. I wasn’t into maces yet that time.

“Ok your dead.”

“Oh ok. Well then… What?!?”

“Your dead.”

“Really? I am? How?”

“The character your up against with has this, Blah blah blah blah blah.” – Sorry I forgot what they called it. 😀

What is this instant death dealing artifact of uber doom from some unknown yet legendary individual from lands also unknown and legendary?

“Oh ok. Well thanks I guess. Good game guys.”

I walked off and they were laughing behind me. No they were gloating and snickering, this is in their own words during remembrancing sessions.

But it was ok. They won fair and square.

I could not have won against that artifact.

Instant Death, I mean if you fail your saving throw your instantly dead right?


Turn and walk back.

The guys have been telling me they were high fiving each other and so so happy for……….. beating me.

“Hey guys, don’t I get a saving throw?”

Silence 15 foot radius spell right in the middle of the table. Strangely enough it allowed you to hear the proverbial pin drop.

I made my roll, easy enough, 2 or 3 difficulty I think.

I’m not going to say what happened after, I don’t want to snicker and gloat.

But man, these guys still have a long way to go to learn D&D. They need help. Oh well.

Next in the series. How they found BIG help. How I met Big help. And My post apocalyptic phase in gaming. Stay tuned.