I understand the title is nostalgic to a lot of people my age.

But I am not talking about this guy.

Well doesnt he bring back memories?

I am talking about these boys.

This is what it looked like after the incident

Yes, those are my fingers on the left hand.

It has been exactly two weeks now since we played basketball during lunch break. Normally, instead of eating lunch, I work out by lifting weights. Some of my officemates invited me to play a little 2 on 2. The game went well enough. Oddly though there was a moment when I picked up the ball I thought it had a hole in it.

Something’s wrong with the ball, there’s a weird bump on it.

I took a shot and as the ball left my hands.

Oh no!! Something is wrong with my fingers!!!

Strangely though it was not painful, I even finished the game and had another one after, lifted weights even.

Making the injury extra weird, there should be pain, it reminds you that you are alive and that something is wrong.

But I took it to the clinic after and they applied a splint to both fingers.

When I went to my orthopedic surgeon he told me the condition is called a mallet finger.

Apparently the tendons supporting the digits were torn when a large force, i.e. the ball in this case, jammed into the fingers. Can’t remember how it happened in the heat of the game though.

Since tendons are not attached to your nerves, no pain.

So now I have to wear a splint on each finger for at least 6 weeks while the tendon heals.

Adjust how we do things

So if ever this happens to you, do not ignore it, there may be no pain but it does not equate to nothing is wrong. I mean look at it, its bent.

Apply a splint and have your ortho Dude check it.

4 more weeks to go. Hopefully the fingers have full recovered by then, kind of hard to lift weights on the left hand with this.