There’s something about sports that utilizes a lead blocker, they simply catch my fancy.

Even when I am initially uninterested about the sport and I learn that the game has blocking involved in its strategy I instantly start liking it.

Lets take for example Lance Armstrong (cycling) and Michael Schumacher (F1 racing). I mean one guy just pedals as fast as he could, the other just puts the pedal to the metal, both need to ensure they don’t crash. Please do not tell me they each have Pit Crews, Pit Crews do not drive, they do not stay on the road, they maintain. They are part of the team, but they are not in the heat of things.

But when I learned that Lance Armstrong has a squad of blockers with him, and that Schumacher had Barrichello, I went hey it really is a true team sport.

I mean someone who takes a lead blocking role is just so unselfish to me. One guy gives up his body so the primary face/star of the team gets to win or generates stats. That kind of mentality and attitude just epitomizes teamwork in my book. Which takes me back to that favorite sport of mine, American Football. I mean, what would any blog of mine be without at least mentioning American Football now and then?

In modern-day football, the Fullback position’s primary role is that of the lead blocker, he paves the way for the Running Back by blasting a hole right at the line of scrimmage. The Running Back then scoots through the space created by the Fullback and then break off for a long run. Sadly due to the propensity for teams leaning towards the passing game, even in college football, this position is starting to go the way of the dinosaurs. Something that I personally do not enjoy actually. There are a rare few though.

1616 Rushing Yards and 16 TDs Because Vonta Leach lead the way.  Sorry Arian he’s in Baltimore now.

Now what does this have to do with my Run United 3 run three days prior to writing this post? Well when I got there despite the fact that the 32 and 21 km people have left. There were still plenty of people at the site. The 5 km category was still packed and we had to go in two waves. Since I remembered dodging around people got me winded during my last run at Nike We Run Manila, I decided to be rid off the decision making process of which side to go if I come up on someone moving slower than me. ( Slower than you Chay? Yes, I know, apparently it happens.) I decided to pick someone to be my Fullback. Not only do I get a lead blocker, chances are he will be faster, which will make me run harder. Will it make me finish better? We, or should I say I, will see.

 I was part of the second wave since I like staying in the rear. I even had to stop playing my song to ensure it gets timed right as I leave the gate. Then we were released. I started running as I got past the sensor. I looked around for someone to follow through after the first 100 meters. Then I spotted him. (That Dude. That Dude.)  There was no way I can mistake him for anyone else during the run. I lined up approximately 2 meters behind him and followed him. The Dude, whom we shall call Single Serve FullBack or SSFB from now on, was taller than me so his strides were longer than mine. I was actually running faster than my normal pace. Each time Mr. SSFB changed direction I would follow him. The best part is when SSFB goes in between two people they would part for a moment and I would take that hole. (GO SINGLE SERVE FULLBACK!!! GO!!! GO!!! )
I followed SSFB for at least 2km and we got ahead of a lot of people. (Thats what you think. Ok. Ok.) Then I got winded and did my usual run-walk-run pace. I lost track of SSFB until the last kilometer. Naturally I followed him again. But as we were turning into the last 500 meters SSFB also slowed down. It gave me enough time to take out my cellphone from my armband and take a picture of him. But then I realized he was winded at this point. So I decided to pass by him. Never saw him again after this. 
I finished the run in 38 min and 56 seconds. A definite improvement from my 44+ min on my last 5km run.
I definitely got a boost when pacing someone else. So wherever you are, I do hope you read this.
Thank You So Much Single Serve Full Back!!!