The first time I saw a vietnamese coffee press I had an instant man crush to the contraption.

The clear glass showing the white layer of condensed milk at the bottom, followed by a slowly rising layer of black coffee.

The initial swirl of black, brown and white as you mixed up everything right before you take the first sip.

The novelty was just too stunning for me. That or it really does not take much to amuse me. 🙂

So when I heard that a manager here at the antonym of OFF was leaving for vietnam. I just had to ask her to buy, this despite the fact that we have not even talked, never been introduced nor even been in one single meeting together.

Audacity thy name is Chay Chay.

I just had to ask. I mean when will I get this window of opportunity again?

But being the charming person that I am, she agreed to my requests. 😀

Hubris thy name is also…………………. Chay Chay. (sigh)

So the day came when I had it in front of me. My very own vietnamese coffee press, I had to give it a spin.

Or is it a pour? (Ugh. Semantics.)

It took a while for me to understand how much coffee beans do I place into the press. And you would not believe how every brewing session is still a learning experience on the packing process for me.

Pack lightly the coarse grind beans and hot water will just waterfall down into the waiting glass. Not that flavorful.

Pack fine grind too tight and you will be getting a really slow drip for your coffee. Flavorful but it takes a while for that first sip.

So this is what my first cup pre-brewed looked like.

Of course it turned out like this.

And we give it a light swirl. PRESTO!!!

Of course I’ve gotten better since then.  I now use condensed milk as the Vietnamese do. I also use a finer grind, the dripping motion somehow calms me as I look at it from time to time while I work.

It’s somehow a therapeutic and also a very useful brewer. (DOUBLE WHAMMY!!!)

Thank you so much Elaine!!!