Taken 5 Years Back. Thanks Pao.

No I did not make the level where I can now ascend to immortality or get a prestige class. Sorry gamers. 😀

Today marks the end of my 34th year in life. I will now begin my quest to reach age 35 tomorrow.

What I’ve learned as I tackle each year is that, nothing automatic ever happens when you get a year older. That point in wisdom and intelligence never pops in your head.

But I’m sure if you don’t take care of your body those points in dexterity, strength and constitution will definitely go away.

You don’t even feel taller this time nor does your skin molt away to show new refreshed flesh underneath.

What I’m sure of is each year I look back and remember all the good and bad that has happened to me.

I thank God for everything that has happened to me so far, especially my wife Icel and my Little Love Love Athena.

I pray as the next year of my life comes I will be better in making my decisions and learn better from my mistakes back then.

Maybe those points in wisdom and intelligence will finally pop in. 😀

God Bless Everyone.