Well we went home to Bohol again for the holidays.

We stopped by a wet market on the way to my mother in law’s house.

I happen to see this bottle there.

Sorry I already had some when the pic was taken

Well it was worth eighty pesos. I was sure I bought it cheaper back then, but I guess times have changed.

The contents are called locally as swaki. I’m not sure if swaki means the type of sea urchin or the sea urchin roe itself.

I guess it has to be the type since there’s another one called tihi-tihi made up of the roe from the spindly ones that attack you in the coastline.

Swaki naturally looks like this.

Less Spindly Won't Attack

I actually don’t know what made people back then decide to pick and then break up sea urchins to get at the gonads.

I guess revenge is better served by putting them in a dish.

What I do know is that I am reaping the benefits by eating swaki every now and then.

Sadly you can only get uni (japanese version) at restaurants here in Luzon. Expensive I know.

But every time I can get my hands on a bottle just so I can get this mixed in my rice with vinegar will always be a treat.

It has it’s own distinctive taste. Briny (naturally) and has a a gooey buttery feel.

You have to try it.

Trust Me. I did not put my creamy flesh colored snot in a small plate.