Good Lord the count went up again. I am getting older.

There is no way anyone of us could stop the passing of the years.

Well let’s get back on topic.

This is an Ogre Ninja.

Yes it boggles the brain

As someone who’s been into RPG’s and reading. I take pride in the fact that I happen to be very very imaginative. Emphasis on very very.

Sadly Ogre Ninjas are too much of a stretch for me. I mean they’re so big and brutish. I just can’t imagine stealth on these big things. Although I do use player character classes on Ogres. (Yes Humanoid Handbook YOU RULE!!!!) Sometimes I make them smart and cunning. But silent and stealthy? No.  I used them as Anti-Paladins,Clerics, even Fighters (well duh) but Ninja’s? NO WAY!!! (Wait there’s a Ninja class Chay? Oriental adventures Dude. Oriental adventures.)

But apparently the good folk at Games Workshop can imagine some. And please don’t start on Ogre Bushi’s or Ogre Magi’s they’re shape shifters, a lot of these oriental monsters can polymorph self anytime.

They(Ogre Ninjas) do remind me of something that happened to my friends back in high school though.

This is my friend Mark.

Yes this is what it looks like when he decides to slap me once he reads this.

Now I know what you people are thinking straight of, I am not insinuating that my good friend here looks like an Ogre Ninja.

You people are just mean. Really you are.

Mark has the uncanny ability to slap cockroaches flying at him with a super backhand slap like the picture above. (See… Ninja ability). He can even jump away from a rushing jeepney, hell bent on running him down, matrix style. (Ninja ability again.) Well I have to note though it was a la matrix if you saw this from the front or back. From my angle at that time, it was just a big dude jumping. 😀 (Chay you are soooo going to hell now.)

Well getting back on topic. When my friends decided to go do their own D&D games. I’m not sure how they did it. I was not there. But remember, these guys were so enthusiastic about the game they would play anywhere. This is how they met Mark.

I will have to state though I am only retelling what they tell me during drinking sessions back then. So I do hope I do justice to the story. Hey Charo Santos get ready cause someday I will send this.

They were playing at the school library that day. (See they play anywhere.) Then Mark came into the library. Of course they noticed him arrive, he was such a huge……..











personality in school then. (What? I know what word you were thinking. MEANIE!!!)

What will never be understood is how they did not notice him lurking around their table listening on them. It could have been a mixture of their engrossed nature or Mark’s powers of obfuscation. I prefer to think it was just the latter. (NINJA!!!!)

And then suddenly Mark came and planted his fist in the middle of the table. Ok, he slammed. He slammed his fist into the table. And said, no wait roared,  yes apparently you can roar inside the school library.


Four pairs of eyes were wide eyed in shock on how this big……….






(uhm) personality (again?) just showed up on their table. In retrospect, and to coin a new term, he ogre ninja’d his way into their game. Lives too. 😀

And that is how they met Mark.

Well in the end Mark’s group and their group merged and they kept gaming.

I was not yet in the picture for a few months until a month or two before the school year ended. By the way this is in the same school year I transferred to Cebu.

We sort of bumped into each other at a local shop selling video games.

Somehow this lead to me getting back with the group for more D&D. Yes the weird “I Hate Chay” phase miraculously went away.

I joined some times. But did not really go full time into the campaign.

Naturally summer break came and we normally visited Mark to rummage through his book collection.

That’s when I saw this picture on a book cover.

Armoured Dude On A Cybernetic Beastie. SO MANY LAYERS OF COOL!!!!

I had to ask Mark if we could play it.

I mean cyborgs & mutants in a post apocalyptic setting?



That is how we ended up playing Gamma World that whole summer.

I remember playing a Pure Strain Human that time with a pimped up bike.

When I say pimped up, I mean rockets and turbo lasers. Oh and other stuff that would make Kit go green with envy.

Come to think off it, I’m glad Mark was a generous games master to give my character that bike. 😀

Thanks Mark!!!



Next in the series. Getting back to handling your own game with a new crop of players.

Check back soon.