Well actually I don’t know what to call them. 😀

And true to my imaginative and creative nature I decided to call them something else.

If you happen to be Indian or Malaysian please tell me, I will be happy to change my personalized moniker for this tasty treat.

These are what I call funky noodles.

Crispy Goodness

They’re so crispy and crunchy. There’s curry and other spices that I can’t identify straight off.

Most likely because these are spices I do not use that often.

The amalgamation of flavors just attacks your mouth the moment you start chewing. It’s absolutely wonderful!!


The Malaysian version seems to have longer noodle lenghts has other herbs and leafy stuff mixed into it. Or I could be wrong and it’s just another variation of the same item which I happened to have tried in Malaysia.

Best part about it is I got half a bag here in the office as I am about to upload this.

It’s so good to have friends!!! 😀

Thanks Ma’am Ana!!!