As I’m typing this I got home from work a few hours ago and I saw this package in my mail box.

What Could Be Inside? Open it. We Must.

I opened it (naturally).  Lo and Behold a wonderfully designed box, with the logo from my Nike Run 3 months back, was inside.

So nice and blue. So relaxing to the eyes. Swoosh!!!

Pulling the nicely done tab(string/cloth whatever) at the end revealed my replica Nike Lunarglide 3 shoe flash drive.

I'm tempted to repaint it exactly to the same color scheme as my LunarGlide 3 Shield

Wow!!!! MAN CRUSH!!!

This thumb drive just made me realize things like this are just a nice bonus after a run event.

I have only been running for a few months but I do know what I am paying for when I go join a run event.

I understand registration costs a lot, I mean some people have to wage slave a few days to get that much money.

But I’m thankful to God that I can shell out a few to run, and thankful also that I can run.

Here are the things I totally enjoy whenever I join a run event.

1. A Defined Running Course.

I run three times a week and every single time I’m always thinking as I go out. Where will I run? Whats my route?  Maybe it’s because of the area I live in. For people who know me, I know I live near PICC but running towards that area is so dark. I’m talking almost 2km of dark. Hey Pasay officials, you reading this? So if someone already defined a clean, safe, brightly lit route for me, I’m happy. Did I mention I also take time to look at the scenery when I run?

2. Race Marshalls = Safety

I have to mention when I run on my own I leave the house at around 4:30 AM. It’s why I wear a really bright shirt during my runs. But despite all the safety precautions I take some drivers, particularly taxi drivers, think they’re Machine Gun Joe from Death Race 2000. Again this is probably because of where I live. God bless those Marshalls and loaner policemen in keeping those drivers from scoring points on me during the run event.

3. Water Stations

Walk or jog slowly to the table. Pick up cup. Pinch and sip. Shoot cup into trash bin. GO!!!!

I can not do this when I run on my own. I have to stop somewhere to get a drink. And stopping just cuts my work out. I know some of you will tell me to get that bottle I can drink from while I’m running. But that’s extra weight. And if you see me I have plenty of extra weight already. Really big help when your running.

4. Run With Other Runners

Was that redundant? I’m not sure. When you go out of the starting gates with around a couple of hundred runners in one go. You get this elated feeling, maybe its some form of unified consciousness of all the participants. I don’t know what it is but I like it. It’s way different when you run with other people they somehow get you to push forward to finish the whole course. It’s too late to go back once your through that gate.

5. Official Time

This is the best part. When the results come out online, I get very excited. Look I don’t compare myself with everyone else. I do not even plan to win anything. Chances are I only know a few people who went to the event. I do compare my performance from my previous run. Improving is key. Hey I know Garmin and other devices will do this for me when I run on my own. Budget does not allow me to have that. And even if I do, I like it when an official body keeps my run record in their database.

So as I’m figuring out how to add this new bling bling to my ID holder, I’m so glad for this great bonus to my second run event.

Thank You So Much Nike!!!