3 John 1:2

“2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

A lot of people have been telling me and then asking me the same thing over and over again.

“You look smaller Chay, how are you doing that?”

Yes my liver is getting bigger. (Oo nidako ang akong atay. ~ Bisaya)

33 Lbs Less. Need to Lose Around 10 -16 more lbs.

Well I admit I have been doing some things more diligently now for the last six months or so. I am happy to say that all that hard work & patience paid off well. I’m now down to 79 kg from a whooping 94 kg. Wheee!!!! I have a pair of 33 inch waistline pants that I can now wear after 4 years. Down from 36 inches Baby!!!!  Wheee!!!! I can now switch back to my natural position as a hybrid Defensive End/Outside Linebacker instead of Defensive Tackle. (Ahem.) Sorry, daydreaming.

So here is my answer it takes a while to explain everything so I decided to place it up on the wild wild west(www) for everyone to read. Although if you want more info like recipes and other specifics you can come to me anytime. Or chat/email if its not physically possible for us to meet.


This will take some investment but trust me it really works. I will have to suggest you buy a juicer. Please do not mistake or substitute this with either a blender or a food processor. Get a juicer.

One more time. Go Get A Juicer.

There’s a varying price range but I understand the more expensive the bigger the motor.

The larger the motor, the larger the chute. If you want to save time get a larger one. If you get a smaller one you spend some time slicing fruits and veggies before you can start juicing.

Juicing allows you to get most of the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables without giving you the problem of eating a lot of them.

For example, try eating 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 Jicama (Singkamas Dude), 1 chayote, a bit of ginger, some squash.

You can’t right?

Juice them all to somewhere around 750 ml of pure liquid, and you can.

You can.

this has helped me out a lot. I drink the juice at times instead of eating a meal. Definitely a good meal replacement supplement, fresh too.

The best benefit is it helps with the way your plumbing works. Better plumbing means its easier for your bodies to get rid of the toxins.

My plumbing is far more efficient now, I used to feel bloated even after a flush out. But now I regularly flush out twice a day and it feels good every flush. Although there are times my body forces me to do it three times.

Btw, Manny if you are reading this, there is no network signal at stall number 1 ground floor building 2. 😀


I do this five times in a week.  I do this since I always know that the best way to burn calories is to gain muscle. Put it this way for each pound (British units again) of muscle you burn 30 – 35 calories, while doing nothing.

I started out with very low weights higher reps. As I acclimated to the weight I increase slightly. But I preach form over weight. So I don’t rack up the plates that much. If you haven’t done this before or haven’t been to the gym for quiet some time, do not lift a lot of weight. Focus more on form. I understand some of you may notice other people are carrying a whole lot of weight but do not, I mean it, do not emulate them. Leave your pride at the door. Better yet leave it at home.

Listening to the gym instructor helps at the start. But everyone is different so go ahead and experiment as you go along.


This took a while for me to get going. A lot of my co workers and friends have been inviting me to run events.

And I really enjoy doing it.

I run 3 times a week. I used to go to an oval track and just run around it 3 times(1.2 km). Somehow as the months passed I now run at least 12km on my runs. I changed my routes every run for security reasons. Running is one very liberating  and personal excercise.

Even when you go to run events, the activity is still personal. You get to think. You get to pray. You get to see how far you can go.

Every single time I run I understand that I not only get healthy. It’s also another way for me to thank God for the gift of life and health.

In Closing

So that’s it from me. Do take note, that you don’t have to do everything I do. Do what you can do in your capacity.

And I do hope you’ve learned something and apply it. I hope next time we meet you will look healthier and happier.

God Bless!!!