I was reading through this article at bullrunner.com last night.

And I realized, Moveformove were the guys who interviewed me at Run United 3 last November 2011.

I was so happy, I was looking for this page and could not find it for months. I actually forgot the name of the website. (sheepishly grinning)

I decided to look for my video and lo and behold my mug shot was there as I scrolled down.

Here’s the link.     (CHAY VIDEO – CLICK HERE)

And although I did post my comment there, I would like to say it again here in my blog my added reason for running.

“What I’ve said here is still true. But I would like to add that after several runs. I also realized that it is the activity where I am most physical and where I am most spiritual. There is a point in the middle of a run where I feel a certain sense of wonder. The world around me seems clearer. I am at peace as I appreciate God’s  gift of life and body. It is this sort of high (to simplify it) that I get when I run. And I always want to get back to that every time. ”

Thanks to moveformove for posting my video.

And for thebullrunner for leading me there. 😀