Pardon me if I make any mistakes in this post. I’m trying to write using my phone for the first time.

I ordered The Essential Smart Football a few months back from Fully Booked. I was thinking they did not order it as no update came. But lo and behold this text came to me last week.


So last saturday, my wife decided to go watch The Bourne Legacy, but I did not want to. So I went and had a date.

We started by hanging out a while. Then I went, “Hey I have to go get this book, you want to go to this other bookstore?” I had to mention “other bookstore” as my date only knew about National Bookstore all this time.

She goes “OK, Let’s go to the other bookstore.” So of we go.

When we got there, we went straight to customer service.

“Excuse I had a book ordered and I am now picking it up.”

“Alright sir, may I know the title of the book?”

“The Essential Smart Football”


“I am sorry sir we don’t have it. May I know when you ordered it?”

“Uhmm a while back. But you guys sent me a text.”(showed her the text)

“Oh I see. Sir this text is from Fully Booked, your at Powerbooks right now.”

(head slap)
“Oh I am so sorry.”

Well my date did not want to waste the trip anyway. So She showed me two books.

“Which one do you want me to buy? Thos? Or that?”

“This and that.”

“WHAT?!? Oh ok.”

So we bought both books and headed back to Fully Booked. Which I may add was on the same floor where we initially hanged out.

The sales ladies at Fully Booked kept remarking how cute my date was while someone else was looking for the book. But at last we got it. I am very appreciative of the staff at Fully Booked for the great service rendered in getting me the book. Maybe next time I will order “Blood, Sweat & Chalk”. I’m clearly about reading about my favorite sport right now.

Oh by the way I decided to take this pic with me and my date while waiting for the book.


Tune in next time for the next adventure of GEEKDAD & GEEKLETTE!!!