Yeah I know the new iPhone 5 has been out a few days back.

But seeing that I just got my phone a few months back, a sense of frugality or downright cheapness means no new purchases for a few years.

But yesterday I saw this casing I’ve been checking out at a local cell shop.

I keep seeing the same thing in either blue, white or red. So I decided to ask.

For the umpteenth time by the way. They don’t seem to have it in the color I want.

“Meron kayo purple na ganito?” (Do You have this in purple?)

“Meron po.” (Yes we have.)


I supposedly “tried” it out on my phone. But there was no way I will let this one pass me by.

Upon going home I realized the casing made my phone have the same theme as my old Darkus Bakugan Balls.

(What you collected them?)

Only some Dude, only some.

So here are the pics. Enjoy!!

My New Favorite Color, Totally Influenced By My Little Geeklette

Of course, just so you can visualize what a Darkus Bakugan looks like, here are some pics.

Dual Hydranoid Pic Not Mine. Couldn’t find it.

Serendipitous? YOU BET!!!