Well I just went on my third half marathon last weekend. Wheee!!
The best part about this run was, I was paced by my good friend and ex-colleague Sam.


Buddies On The Run. Click For Another Pic. Thanks to Rizza of Running Photographers for this action shot.

Most runs I join, I do it alone most of the way. I normally start my runs with my other running guru, Kuya Mar. We have this agreement to go separately as I wear out. And just meet up at the finish line. This time though, Sam decided to run with me.

Now I can’t exactly pinpoint the rationale for this sudden burst of benevolence. Although the following words did run through my brain; instant first aid(no ACL, partial meniscus poor guy) & dogged coaching(Yeah making this Dude finish will be THE BOMB!!!). But then again I do know plenty of people who just want to bask in the glow of my awesomeness. (AHEM!)


In any case, it was mostly me enjoying the perks of being paced by someone clearly faster than me.

First, I had a conversation all the way. Its amazing how you can catch up while on the run. Topics included but not limited to; Fantasy Football, NFL, Other Fantasy sports, running, babies, the weather(it was a downpour during the event) & general commentaries. (e.g. “Someone just offered me Power Rain instead of Powerade!”)

Second, encouragement! “Dude lets run to that stoplight!” At around km15 my right calf would start acting up from compensating for my left knee. I somehow maintained a good run walk ratio due the encouragement. This is a big factor to my 28 minute improvement. (Unofficial Record 2hr 59min)

When we finally got our finishers shirt, we noticed Sam was mistakenly given a 32k finishers shirt. I immediately commented that in the time he took to run with me, he would have finished 32k. The universe just conspired to reward him properly. Thanks Dude!!