It Was Easy To Take A Pic Of The Slow Runner

It Was Easy To Take A Pic Of The Slow Runner

I’m writing this post as God has blessed me with the opportunity to travel outside the country twice in the span of 3 weeks.

Once for personal vacation and the other for work.

And every time I go someplace new, I have to take the opportunity to run there.

Why Run?


Because God has placed you there.


Are not our bodies and our lives the ultimate gifts? And Gifts should be used, because you appreciate it.

So here are things to remember when you plan to go on a run abroad.

Bring your Shoes

Well this is obvious enough. I normally wear my shoes during the trip. On business trips I pack the leather shoes in my bag. Due to my condition, I simply can not walk around in leather shoes for too long.

Check The Local Weather:

The first item should have said bring gear. You should check if you need to bring something to warm you up. I normally bring a sweatshirt along on cold days (e.g. the picture above). Don’t really bundle up. You really don’t need to worry too much about the cold at the start. You will be warm around 30 minutes into the run.

Scout Before You Run:

Give yourself some time to check the lay of the land. Is it safe for runners? Are there runners? Does the place feel safe in your gut? Then if all questions are a yes. Go run.

Run With Someone If You Can:

Buddy system always works guys. So nuff said here.

Running and Taking A Pic: He's A Tourist Just Like Me :)

Running and Taking A Pic = Obviously A Tourist Just Like Me 🙂 Thanks for joining me Dennis.

Take Pictures!!!

It’s a new place for you. Document it. And if you need to archive it. Place it on everyone’s favorite archive. i.e. Facebook. 😀

A Preview Of Things To Come By The Way

A Preview Of Things To Come By The Way

Do Not Worry:

“So do not fear, for I am with you;” Isaiah 41: 10 (abbreviated)

I had to write this down due to my first experience this year. I was running around Disneyland Park.

Now when I run, I can easily check my bearings based on where I started. I do not exactly know where I am. But I have this vague map in my brain as to where I have been.  Let’s call it an internal GPS for now.

As I was making my way around the periphery of the park, I came across an overpass bridge over a freeway.

My eyes were telling me not to cross it, but my internal GPS kept going. “CROSS CHAY!!! CROSS!!!”

I went back.

Then thought about it.

Went back to the bridge.

Went back again.

Thought about it again.

Went back to the bridge again.

Ok I went back to the bridge at least 3 times before I decided to just retrace my steps.

My Nike+ GPS was just showing me some lines, but no map overlay. Cheapskate that I am, I did not turn on my data plan to check the map.

I mean honestly. 10USD per day? That’s half a month subscription here.

When I finally got to view the map, I realized my internal GPS was correct.

Trust the Internal GPS Next Time

Trust the Internal GPS Next Time

My point is, you should not worry where the run takes you. Just always remember when confused (just like I was) you can always retrace your steps.

Happy Running Guys!!