I just posted this pic of my coffee yesterday at the world’s greatest archive.

Brewing 001

A friend of mine asked how I made it. The question actually fired up my neurons to write this post during the bus ride to work. So here we go.

Take note I use my vietnamese coffee press to make the coffee. Now I don’t know how you can brew the coffee as dark and as syrupy using a french press or a drip coffee maker but if you can, well good for you.

Where did you get your vietnamese coffee press Chay?

Uhmm, Vietnam.

How much?



Centavos. 😀

er. WHAT?!?

Yeah I know, I’ve been thinking of importing them.

So I started with some sugar at the bottom of my cup. Over this I will drip the coffee as we brew it.

Note: I am thinking of using brown sugar syrup next time.

So its a drip, not a press?

Technically yes.

I packed twice as much coffee as I normally use. This is ice coffee we are making, so it will get dikuted. The beans I used have a fine grind. Also the packing sort of plugs the holes, making the coffee drip more slowly. Really slow.

Brewing 002

I have to stress how important it is on how dense the coffee should be. If its just dark and watery we won’t get the effect we want.

Brewing 003

I guess you can make this faster using an espresso machine, but I don’t have one. So there.

After a quick stir to dissolve the sugar, we place in some ice cubes.

Brewing 004

To this we pour in fresh milk slowly.

Brewing 006

Feeling like someone from kitchenomics lets check the cost of a cup.

Coffee BEANS: 5 PHP
MILK(50 ml max): 4 PHP
SUGAR: 3 PHP (I bought sachets at the canteen)
Overhead for Ice and Hot Water: 10 PHP (I’m not sure, my wife is the financial analyst)

Moral lesson: no need to pay a lot at some big named coffee shop to enjoy a good cup. Yeah I meant shops like celestial male deer.

What do I call it?

I’m thinking “A Few Layers of Jupiter”, what do you think?