Two Thumbs App are thoughts about apps I tend to recommend to my friends every time we meet up. I have a tendency of going.

“Dude do you have this app? Well get it.  Get this one too, while your at it.”

Well to make it simple for everyone I know, I’ll place the reason why I like it here on my blog so you guys can always look it up.

Now this post has been in the draft section for quiet some time. Like most of my posts.

It just so happened my friend Jotay suggested the series title (Thumbs App) and here we go.

Do take note none of the developers are paying me a single cent for any of these posts.

I wish.

Let’s just say if I have a man crush on an app, I’ll write about it here.

Well a lot of people know I’ve been running lately. My app of choice for tracking my runs is Nike+.

Download This!!

Download This!!

Now I know some of you people will say Garmin makes a better gps device. Of course I know that, they should, they use their technology on airplanes.

But I like stuff that do multiple things. Stuff that can function in more ways than what it originally was.

Like my phone as Steve Jobs stated it does many things. As he said.



Ok, ok. I imagined he went Red Dragon on me.

When I find one thing that does this, I think or say aloud “DOUBLE WHAMMY!!”

And no, I am not changing the settings on my Lawgiver like my dude Dredd here.



So not only do I get the functions stated by the late Jobs, but here I also turn my dataslate into my running log.

Nike+ allows me to track where I have been during my runs via gps, and automatically logs them.

Oh There Are Levels, Another Motivating Tool

Oh There Are Levels, That’s A Motivating Tool (Click This Image To Go To My Nike+ Profile)

After every run, the app tells me how am I doing against the average of my seven (7) runs. Faster, slower, further, nearer that kind of info. I even get to track how many kilometers I’ve logged on my shoe. Really helpful.

Yes Chay we know. Stop saying that.

Alright you bullies. Oh from time to time it tells you you’ve reached a milestone. Just a pick me upper from time to time.

With No ACL too. Praise GOD!!

With No ACL too. Praise GOD!!

The app has audio cues on how far you’ve run, time taken and even your pace. Pretty handy reminder.

Also, unless your anally retentive, you can connect with your friends who run too. You can see how they are doing. Although there’s no feature yet for you to send a message. Maybe in the next update. 🙂

Germar Tristan Marapao Canete, I don't know you. But since your a runner and you requested, we are friends here. Keep it up Dude! Keep it up.

Germar Tristan Marapao Canete, I don’t know you. But since your a runner and you requested, we are friends here. Keep it up Dude! Keep it up.

If you happen to have a dataplan you can post your runs on the greatest archive on earth like this during a run.

Yeah cheer me on.

Yeah cheer me on.

Every time someone clicks like or makes a comment. You get to hear a cheer sound during the run. This is in addition for the audio cues for the following. Km alert, halfway point, goal in reach.

Hey, even if someone comments: MADAPA KA SANA!!! (I HOPE YOU FALL ON YOUR FACE!!!) You’ll still hear a cheer.

There have been times when I’m thinking of slowing to a walk during a run.

“Aching a bit, got to slow down.”

[CHEER Audio]

“Got to run! Got To Run! I feel that cheer gave me a boost. Who could it be? I’ll check later. Must speed up! Oh no! A Crossing! Watch out for that motorcycle!”

The cheers do give a boost somehow.

But of all the features in this app, I’m pondering on turning this off from this point onward.

One reason why I run is to find peace, to keep away from the noise of this world.

Turning on this feature makes me feel like I’m inviting the noise to peace time. 😦

Time to weigh the pros and cons I guess.

Oh and I’m so glad I’ve kept this in the draft section for a while. I just updated, and there’s a new feature called challenges.

Which I have to say I have not tried yet.

Yet more motivation, or stress if your too competitive, this time from your Nike+ app friends.

For Insert 001

So what’s stopping you guys? Go get the APP!! Click on the links below based on your phone type.

You can run with me, even if virtually.

App StoreGoogle Play

Edited: If you had a hard time reading this. Here’s a video link explaining everything in less than 2 minutes. Hahaha!