I’ve already stated before that when I think, I think in english. Now I’m not exactly sure why that is so. Or mayhap I think that’s how I think. What?!?!? Yes, yes. It is redundant.

This Table Is Important But We Are Not Discussing It Here

This Table Is Important But We Are Not Discussing It Here

So what does this mean when I’m talking to someone in tagalog? I convert to english, mentally. In fact I’m sure it looks like I have a definite lag in understanding someone talking in this language. Its either that or I could be totally paranoid.

But there are times I break out in a smile. I’m not laughing at what the person says. I simply laugh at the statement I just converted. See I don’t try to consider the innuendos, nor the gist of the phrase, but I convert per verbatim. Here is a list of some phrases. Now take note, I am not trying to sound funny, I just want to write down how I convert it in my head.

I also have to note that I can only list so much in one typing session. Or bus ride, actually. Maybe later on we can extend the list in a part 2.

Let’s start with Television Titles:

Wag Ka Lang Mawawala – Just Don’t Get Lost (Yes cause it will take some resource to look for you.)

Muling Buksan Ang Puso – Open Up The Heart Again (Which is something you don’t want your surgeon to say)

Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin – I Can Only Love You Sometimes (Why only sometimes?)

Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin – I Will Just Have To Love You Tomorrow (Why are these people time constrained to love someone? Who writes this garbage?)

And what I consider one of the best titles for movie and television:
Babangon Ako At Dudurugin Kita – I Shall Rise And Crush You (YEAH!!!! Cue up The HULK!)

Now some cliches other people like to use.

Yun Oh! – There It Is! (Uhm… Hmmm… Thanks for pointing that out. Moving on.)

Ano Ka Ba? – What are you? (Some people, like to ask the obvious I guess.)

Ano Ba Yan? – What Is That?(Why do people ask these things?)

Umayos ka nga – Fix yourself. (I guess its less harsher than “shape up, or ship out”)

Leche! – GATAS!! (Wait none of the words on both sides of the dash is english. I happen to convert this too. How the spanish of milk became a swear word is beyond me.)

Patay tayo diyan – We are dead there. (I’ve heard this so many times, that if it were true, there would be no one left at work.)

Sh!t – TA-E (Wait that was the other way around. Oh well.)

Ang Lupit mo Pre! – Your Harsh Dude! (That was somehow a compliment.)

Can it be better than being told? You SOB , Your great! – Go ahead convert that back yourself. 🙂