Bandit: In Runners parlance someone who joins a race without registering.

Sneaky Sneaky

Sneaky Sneaky

I woke up yesterday to go on my usual sunday morning run. As I got out of my domicile, I saw a crowd wearing mostly green singlets passing by. I realized the Milo Marathon was passing in front of my house.

I thought, “hey I should run along with them” and so I did.

As I took my first steps, I went through a prayer. Later on I realized “I actually miss this.” was the thought at my first klick. I did not have to turn my head at every corner. I did not even hear any vehicular noise passing me by. All I hear was the tap tap(onomatopoeia sorry) sound of my feet and other feet. Note: my last run event was 3 months ago. It was stress free.

In a short while I was already writing this blog in my head. Again I was reminded and also amazed at the fact that despite running with a crowd, running is always a personal thing.

So many thoughts went through my head during the run.

“Look at that old Dude go. Go Dude Go ” – Inspired

“Hey where can I get a purple running shirt?” – Vanity

“Couple holding hands. Go couple! Go!” – Nainggit. By are you reading this?

“I have yet to join a Milo run event. And here I am being a bandit at one.” – Shamed

“Must not ask for water. I am a bandit.”- although I have to admit I did ask for a cup once or twice.

“Purple shirt? Purple shirt where?” – Vanity again.

“When and where? Will I join my first marathon?” – Determined

I even struck up a conversation with a few runners. Single serve friends I hope we meet again. 😀

And then after 2+ hours of running I made it back home. I was happy.

Best long run I had.

Which of course bring me to the realization, I might do the bandit again. – Shameless thy name is Chay Chay. 🙂