I’ve just finished the training for Six Sigma here at the Antonym of OFF a few weeks back.

And then just last week this happened.



It’s not that clear. Because the rain was so heavy. But the picture above shows Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. pretending to be Buendia del Rio for 2 days. Those two small buses in the lower right end. Are knee deep in water.

The flood reached up to the waistline for the average Filipino, and you can see this stretch all the way to the horizon. Well what I can see anyway from my window. Thankfully there was no flood in front of where we live, but 100 meters away on each direction. Flood and more side roads pretending to be rivers. I wish I could say these are clean rivers, but given the state of our roads and drainage this is all effluent. Yes Dude, you will be waist deep literally in SHHHHHHH.

Now let me say for the last 4 or so years this has happened regularly. – Chronic

It affects the entire population of Luzon, directly or indirectly. – High Impact

Fixing this will alleviate the problem for everyone and will take away the regular diversion of funds for aid. – Management Directive

Of course this won’t be solved between 3 and 6 months. – I missed that one.

But given that we’ve hit 3 out of 4 criteria, the government ought to use DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control) to fix this problem.

The government ought to subcontract Mr. Fighting Rock to bully them to fix this.

Mr. Fighting Rock’s is like some Six Sigma super guru. He’s Sigma Fu level is so high that he has a nifty badge saying BLACK BELT for it.

God help you if you want to argue with him.

Think Master Oogway of Six Sigma.

Let Us Swim First

“Before it is fix , let us swim first.”

Since Mr. Fighting Rock has full backing of the government. -God help them if they do not.

He will create a new type of engineer(s) geared to tackle this problem.

The drainage development engineer and the drainage process engineer.

Department of labor and the Philippine Regulatory Commission will adjust to this new and hot career choice.Picture1

But Chay is this not a straight forward project?

On the surface it is. But there are too many variables that need to be identified on the get go.

In fact lets look at soap, do you know that if you use dishwashing paste the drain in your sink clogs more often? There’s this weird white cake like substance that gathers up. Is it the chalk? Or the fat we drain down? A mixture of both? If this happens to my drain, whats happening to the sewage we have?

I don’t have some fancy infographic to show you right now but I’ve proven this empirically time and time again.

This of course explains our switch to liquid dishwashing soap.

Btw, I’m not paid by some liquid dishwashing soap company to endorse them. Bitoy I envy you. 🙂

The drainage development engineer will gather up statistical data for his recommended, nay required, soap to be used.

If someone puts up a new condominium, two words, wait its five. CHANGE FMEA!!!

“Hey government engineer, I’m making this condo.”

“Well do you happen to have a Change FMEA for the drainage through that area?”

“Uhm… No….”


Two months later.

“Ok government engineer, we finally made the change FMEA you were asking.”

“Well after reviewing this there seems to be an RPN over 80, whats your corrective action or preventive action for this?”

“Uhm… We have not figured it out yet.”


And the cycle keeps going until so called developer gives a decent Change FMEA. With proper corrective/preventive actions.

But knowing how our system works.

“Just grease my palm developer Dude, and I’ll approve it.” – Sleazy Government Engineer

Given what we have right now, sad but true. (sigh)

Of course the list of variables we can touch on is long. I honestly don’t think my blog entry is a big enough space to list them in this.

I’m not exactly planning to make a SIPOC chart for this.

The truth is the government should use this powerful tool to fix this problem.

Could we actually use it to fix pork barrel? I don’t know.

But the training has impressed me so much, that even staring at the misery outside my window makes me think about it.

Mr. Fighting Rock has wisened me up I guess or made me bat guano insane.

But given I was cooped up the whole day, once a week for 22 weeks, could be a clinical case of Stockholm Syndrome.

God Bless You Fighting Rock!

Chay Would Like To Thank:

Van Villamor, who is mo nickered by the Fighting Rock as “The Hotness”, is a good friend of mine. We were seatmates for the entire training in Six Sigma, so we definitely were exposed to the same levels of Stockholm Syndrome. Not only is she a good friend but she is a great provider of mad munchies to keep you up during the training. God Bless You Van!