A while back I was able to visit Malaysia and there I was able to see this contraption for the first time.

As You Can See Its Very Affordable

As You Can See Its Very Affordable

The only thoughts forming in my brain that time was.

Eggs floating in steamy bath. What is that? Must ask!

So I did.

Excuse me. What is that?

“Oh that is a half boiled egg maker sir.”

They call it half boiled egg in Malaysia. Which I realized is a more apt term.

A softboiled Egg maker? I thought. That’s ingenious!! Not only do I have to count to 180 seconds to make it. I have this contraption that does it for me.


In my excitement to try it, I made three trips before I finally got the half-boiled egg.

Can I have one?

“No Sir. We have to wait for the water to go down.”

Oh ok.

[Less than a minute after.]

Is it ok now?

“No Sir. Please wait for the water to go away.”

Oh I see.

[Yet another minute has passed.]

Can I have an egg now?

“How many eggs do you want sir? I’ll just bring it to your table.” -[Subtitle: Do you not understand? Just wait for your egg!!!]


Sadly I was not able to procure one for that trip. 😦

So for quiet some time. I went back to making softboiled eggs by counting to 180, cold water bath and peel slowly.

Or eat at a restaurant that sounds like a yak on a kayak.

Lo and behold before I went home for the holidays, I heard that friend and colleague Joel Pelayo was off to Malaysia for a holiday vacation.

So I asked him to buy it for me. The thing is sold in every department store in Malaysia.


And here it is!

Visual person that I am let me show you my half-boiled egg making powers at work.

First we place the eggs into the contraption.


Simple Enough

The we pour boiling water to the correct level, which depends on the number of eggs. I have to stress maximum of 4 eggs.


Be Careful Now

Then we wait. You may now load the laundry or make toast at this time.

Begone hot water!! Begone!!

Begone hot water!! Begone!!

Remove the eggs, crack them open and pour into a bowl.

How is it that something with the consistency of snot be so delicious?

How is it that something with the consistency of snot be so delicious?

Then we mix in some soy sauce and freshly ground pepper. Well I hear they use white pepper.

Dig IN!!

Dig IN!!

Big shout out of appreciation to Joel Pelayo for buying me this wonderful new contraption.

Now I want one for the office.