Sorry this post was in my drafts folder for quiet some time. Naubos na nga yung coffee na pinabili.

When I heard colleague and good friend, Vangie, was going to Batangas for the weekend.

I had to use my natural charm and wit to ask her to buy me a kilogram of coffee beans.

Charm and Wit. Makapal mukha mo!!! (Your Face is Thick!!)

I mean how could I resist the PHP190.00 price tag for a kilo of ground coffee beans?

And then the weekend passed, and lo and behold, my coffee was here.

Talkative person that I am, I told everyone how happy I was to have bought the coffee.

But sadly I heard these words from people who’s roots are from Batangas.

“Ay Alam mo ba? Wala nang gumagawa ng sarili nilang kape sa bayan, gusto na nila instant.” – “You know what? No one brews their own coffee anymore back home, they want instant coffee.”

I was like, What?!?


It got me thinking about a lot of things.

What a waste, the Philippines has its own coffee plantations.

Somewhere in Batangas and Cavite.

There’s this infographic I read at “I Love Coffee” stating a third of the world’s coffee is supplied by Brazil.

Now I’m wondering, why not a third of the coffee in the world is supplied by Batangas & Cavite Philippines?

Cosumerism is simply killing our own resources, this explains why a lot of people prefer paying so much for a cup of coffee at Celestial Male Deers.

Look I’m not telling you how to spend your hard earned money.

But I have to say we have God given resources, and we should capitalize.

The Vietnamese have their brand.

And I am jealous.

Why can’t we have ours that compete with Celestial Male Deers?

I guess the only thing Filipino’s are good at is stealing relief goods from our countrymen.

Oh if I only have my own coffee plantation and resources.