Although I like this show. No I Did Not Mean This.

Although I like this show. No I Did Not Mean This.

Let me just start this post off with a short diatribe.

Ever since I started running. I have always enjoyed seeing other runners on the streets running with me.

When our paths cross I make it a point to smile or greet them.

Yet most of the time. I always get a very serious face or zero acknowledgement.

“What is up with these other runners? They’re so unfriendly.” I told good friend Sam Manlosa once.

“We’re already in a small sub-culture and yet zero ounce of friendly greeting.”

“They’re probably in max effort Dude.” was the reply I got.

Gregarious person that I am, I could not accept this.

I even recalled one time, going around the triangle shaped park. This was when I was running at night, and my route makes one circuit around it before I went home.

I saw a Korean student, with a group of students, trying to high five every runner that passed him.

Note the word try.

None of them acknowledged him.

Well maybe they all thought giving a high five to him would initiate some Korean horror movie scenario.

Poor guy just kept holding up his hand and getting no response.

So as I neared him, I gave him a high five.

Now I did not take the time to look back when I passed him by.

But given I heard the noise over the traffic noise and the music in my earphones, there was much rejoicing behind me.

I probably made his day. 🙂

And runners are not friendly when on the road. 😦

I even ask other runners here in the workplace. “Do you greet other runners? Do they greet back?”

I get mixed replies, I was starting to think location demographics were also at play.

I still could not accept it. Runners greet each other during a run event. Despite the anonymity.

It must be some other form of stimulus that gets to them when on the road.

Then I saw this one time on the net.

Yeah! Photo from I just Felt Like Running

Yeah! Photo from I just Felt Like Running

Ok so maybe a high five from another runner would do it.

Let’s try.

So a few runs back I told myself.

If I meet a runner on the way, I will give him/her a high five.

Well I went on my run around Makti CBD.

At around 1km before I got home I saw him, a runner coming my way.

100 meters “Ok this is it.”

50 meters “Get ready.”

Yes I was just trying to give someone a high five. But it felt like I was getting ready to send a rocket into outer space.

5 meters “Here we go!!”

Stuck my hand out to the side.

We crossed and we did not do a high five.

We did a mid-five!!! 😀

Sorry my hand was stuck out at waist level. 🙂

And I have been doing it ever since.

Although some respond too late, them being too surprised.

But most of the time I get it.

High fives. Mid Fives.

Conclusion: Runners are friendly. Just need the right stimulus for a greet. Ok most runners.

Gentle Reminder: Guys in the Philippines, its not stated “appear”, its “up here”. Please state it properly next time please.


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