I got a call a few weeks back from good friend and former colleague Van.

Remember her? She guest wrote for me in my Six Sigma blog.

Well in any case, she was asking me something on the phone.

Then she went. “Hey Dude! I checked your blog. You haven’t been writing lately.”


Someone actually checks my blog?

Oh ok.

Time to write then.

Even if it is for the audience of one. Two if I count Van.

In my quest to find more ways to make coffee at home.

Albeit manually. I really want to avoid those one press coffee makers for now.

I came across the Moka pot.

What’s a Moka pot you ask? It allows me to make espresso. Well technically close to an espresso on my stove top.

Visual person that I am.

We know Chay. We know.

Let me show you how I make a cup in pics.


Here it is disassembled. I think I used some cocoa for this particular cup. Not sure.


Water is placed in the lower receptacle and we place the filter cup on top.


Its time to place freshly ground coffee into the filter cup. I am currently using Benguet Gold. It’s amazing. Has a hint of vanilla in its aroma. From the Philippines too.

This is where it gets tricky.

Tamp it too hard. You get more pressure, the brew is thicker but time of exposure gets higher and you might end up with a bitter brew.

Tamp it less and you just get a brew slightly stronger than using a french press.

I must say this little nuances makes me enjoy doing some things manually.


Then we close it with the other filter and screw on the top.

Time to place it on the stove top.



From a trickle.


To a roar!! Not really.

Although you have to time when you stop the heat, not to get a blow through on the steam in the end.


I Love it!!


Nothing left but to pour this on to a cup. Muscovado for the win!!!


Oh and here’s a gif for a cut out on what’s happening.

Thank You wikipedia.


You could have showed this earlier Chay!!!

I know. But its more fun showing you how I brew it.

As a parting shot here’s a 3 layer iced coffee concoction I made. Celestial Male Deers has nothing on me.


Thanks for coming over guys.

What’s next?

Maybe I’ll get an espresso lever press. Who knows what blessings will come.