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Texting My President: 003

Disclaimer: Do not ask me to buy Durian for you. I can tell you where to buy though. This is a work of fiction.

IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1757


Texting My President: 002

IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1734  IMG_1736Disclaimer: Please do not ask me to text our President to give you a special sticker that exempts you from number coding. This is a work of fiction.


Texting My President: 001

Disclaimer: Please do not send me requests to ask him to kill your addict next door neighbor. Kindly use the right channels for that. Also, I will not risk my President’s life by sharing you our text. This is a work of fiction.

Text 0001

This was right before he got inaugurated. I would have gone. But I have work.

Text 0002

This was the week after. God Bless You Mister President.

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