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I got a call a few weeks back from good friend and former colleague Van.

Remember her? She guest wrote for me in my Six Sigma blog.

Well in any case, she was asking me something on the phone.

Then she went. “Hey Dude! I checked your blog. You haven’t been writing lately.”


Someone actually checks my blog?

Oh ok.

Time to write then.

Even if it is for the audience of one. Two if I count Van.

In my quest to find more ways to make coffee at home.

Albeit manually. I really want to avoid those one press coffee makers for now.

I came across the Moka pot. Continue reading


If This Is True: It Is Sad

Sorry this post was in my drafts folder for quiet some time. Naubos na nga yung coffee na pinabili.

When I heard colleague and good friend, Vangie, was going to Batangas for the weekend.

I had to use my natural charm and wit to ask her to buy me a kilogram of coffee beans.

Charm and Wit. Makapal mukha mo!!! (Your Face is Thick!!)

I mean how could I resist the PHP190.00 price tag for a kilo of ground coffee beans?

And then the weekend passed, and lo and behold, my coffee was here.

Talkative person that I am, I told everyone how happy I was to have bought the coffee.

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A while back I was able to visit Malaysia and there I was able to see this contraption for the first time.

As You Can See Its Very Affordable

As You Can See Its Very Affordable

The only thoughts forming in my brain that time was.

Eggs floating in steamy bath. What is that? Must ask!

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I just posted this pic of my coffee yesterday at the world’s greatest archive.

Brewing 001

A friend of mine asked how I made it. The question actually fired up my neurons to write this post during the bus ride to work. So here we go.

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Funky Noodles!!!!

Well actually I don’t know what to call them. 😀

And true to my imaginative and creative nature I decided to call them something else.

If you happen to be Indian or Malaysian please tell me, I will be happy to change my personalized moniker for this tasty treat.

These are what I call funky noodles.

Crispy Goodness

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