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I somehow got the chance to watch Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time.

To think its a year from its initial release.

When I was a kid watching Mad Max: The Road Warrior had a big effect on me.

I mean look at this Dude.

THE ROAD WARRIOR, (aka MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR), Kjell Nilsson as 'The Humungus', 1982.



The movie and also the third part of the series. Completely enamored me to the post apocalyptic genre.

Not to mention it gave me the idea how cool it looks to place ramshackle parts and weapons on to different kinds of vehicles.

I remember the type of toys my brother and I had back in the day.

I recall having the bulldozer van and the rampager car

I recall having the bulldozer van and the rampager car

MASK more 80’s cartoon goodness.

Yes I know I keep bringing up Dino Riders

Yes I know I keep bringing up Dino Riders

Once I started to explore other RPG systems outside of D&D, guess what came first?

I realized riding non-equestrian mounts is also my thing.

Riding weaponized non-equestrian mounts is also my thing

Clearly the movie had an influence on what I play and read.

Too bad, my friends and I never got to play Car Wars. Continue reading


In my last post I showed a gigantic statue of the subject in mind.

I was actually playing around with the idea of writing about her, but I tend to write the middle of the topic in my head but never write the intro. I end up not writing it at all. Weirdness.

The little Geeklette, has moved on from Dora. Well Dora is still viewed from time to time. But I think its princess phase at this point.

Of all the Disney Princesses we have at home. Aurora is now the top dog, errr Princess. Top Princess.

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Yeah I watch Dora with my little Geeklette. It’s a pretty cool show. We even do this little twirl around dance move when Dora and Boots sing “C’mon Vamanos!!”

But,as always, Geekdom will suddenly take over. And back then as a gamer I would look at a movie or novel character and give him/her stats in whatever game system I may be playing/running at that time.

So have at it Geeks, here is how I deconstruct Swiper The Fox; D&D style.

Ooooh!!! Swiper The Fox!! Find Swiper!! – Dora The Explorer


Good Lord the count went up again. I am getting older.

There is no way anyone of us could stop the passing of the years.

Well let’s get back on topic.

This is an Ogre Ninja.

Yes it boggles the brain

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Thanks Brian for telling me to get on with writing this series.

I did not realize people were waiting. 😀

Oh wait sorry, forgot to start with eye candy.

I had to search Cleric to get this image. But I wanted a mace weilding Paladin.

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