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High Five!! It Works!!

Although I like this show. No I Did Not Mean This.

Although I like this show. No I Did Not Mean This.

Let me just start this post off with a short diatribe.

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Banditry: 2013 Milo Qualifier

Bandit: In Runners parlance someone who joins a race without registering.

Sneaky Sneaky

Sneaky Sneaky

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Two Thumbs App are thoughts about apps I tend to recommend to my friends every time we meet up. I have a tendency of going.

“Dude do you have this app? Well get it.  Get this one too, while your at it.”

Well to make it simple for everyone I know, I’ll place the reason why I like it here on my blog so you guys can always look it up.

Now this post has been in the draft section for quiet some time. Like most of my posts.

It just so happened my friend Jotay suggested the series title (Thumbs App) and here we go.

Do take note none of the developers are paying me a single cent for any of these posts.

I wish.

Let’s just say if I have a man crush on an app, I’ll write about it here.

Well a lot of people know I’ve been running lately. My app of choice for tracking my runs is Nike+.

Download This!!

Download This!!

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Tips When Running Abroad

It Was Easy To Take A Pic Of The Slow Runner

It Was Easy To Take A Pic Of The Slow Runner

I’m writing this post as God has blessed me with the opportunity to travel outside the country twice in the span of 3 weeks.

Once for personal vacation and the other for work.

And every time I go someplace new, I have to take the opportunity to run there.

Why Run?


Because God has placed you there.


Are not our bodies and our lives the ultimate gifts? And Gifts should be used, because you appreciate it.

So here are things to remember when you plan to go on a run abroad. Continue reading

Well since the last time I wrote, I wrote  about one of the people who teach me how to run.

You get taught to run Chay?

Sorry, I mean these are people who give me tips for running. e.g. How to run safe; how to approach training days; how far to run this week; shoes; clothes; or simply encouragement.

This is Kuya Mar.

Ignore The Background. Honestly.

May I note at this time that Kuya Mar has been my colleague twice, once at this factory that sounds like it assembles either Baby toys or cosmetics that make you look like a kid. Of course I remember telling my younger cousins that I work as an embalmer at said establishment that will make you look like a serene young individual, hence the name.  Second is here currently at the antonym of Off. How we met here is also a story by itself, maybe some other day I’ll write about it.

Kuya Mar, to me is a combination of coach, adviser, motivator, older brother type & prayer leader. If you want to imagine what Kuya Mar is like, imagine Optimus Prime except that he’s not a giant robot with an Ion Blaster that transforms into a Mack Truck.

Evil Doers BEWARE!!!

Wait Chay the Giant Robot part is Optimus Prime.

Well yeah, but then just try your best to stretch your imagination by a kilometer this time, ok?

Kuya Mar has been running for as long as I live.

Chay?!?!?! Well I really think he has. Just do the math Dude.

But you haven’t told us his age Chay. Well does it look like I have the right to blabber it here? Let’s just get back to topic please.

It was one of those times Kuya Mar and I rode together in the shuttle bus on the way home.

Just like today we normally plan the run events we go to together.

Now let me just describe how we went to run events back then.

Back then I would normally join a 5k, later 10k, and Kuya Mar would join a half marathon (21k for those not in the know). We would go together at the event despite our gun starts being an hour or two apart.

Since it would be too early for me to warm up, I would normally just look around while Kuya Mar warms up.

Then around 10 minutes before gun start. It’s time for us to pray.

“Ok Chay! Pray na tayo!”/”Ok Chay! Let’s Pray!”

And every single time he says this, I start opening my mouth cause I keep thinking I will lead the prayer this time.

But no, Kuya Mar has already started.

Well I honestly don’t begrudge him the prayer. I just keep assuming some times I will lead.

And its. “Bye Kuya Mar!! Run Safe!! God Bless!!”

And I will wait, there beside the road. An hour. When I was doing 5k, 2 hours.

The wait was so long. That after some time I had to look for some place to privately pick my nose. My nose was already packed with booger even before I got to run.

And finally I would run.

The great part about those times is that we normally finish together.

So back on the shuttle bus. We we’re checking out RU1 2012.

Kuya Mar goes. “Chay magkano ulit registration sa 10K?” /”Chay how much is the registration for 10k?”

800 Pesos.

Kuya Mar goes. “Eh,magkano ulit registration sa 21K?” /”Well, how much is the registration for 21k?”

900 Pesos.

“Eh di mag 21k ka nalang. 100 PHP lang ang difference. Sa halaga na yun may finishers shirt ka na may medal pa.  Kaya mo yan, just train for it.”/”Go for 21k instead. The difference is only 100 PHP. At that value you get a finisher’s shirt and a medal. You can do it. Just train.”

And strangely I said yes.

This has been a year ago and I’ve already done 5 half marathons since then.

5 slow half marathons by the way. 😀

Well I would not have made a leap if Kuya Mar did not convince me that day.

Now I gather booger on the run instead of the wait.

Now we start out of the gate together.

Of course we don’t end it together. I am slow.

But I still don’t get to lead the prayer. 🙂

God Bless You Kuya Mar.

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