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Pardon me if I make any mistakes in this post. I’m trying to write using my phone for the first time.

I ordered The Essential Smart Football a few months back from Fully Booked. I was thinking they did not order it as no update came. But lo and behold this text came to me last week.
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Where else do you get strength?

Tim Tebow.
I do not care if his critics say he has a bad passing motion.
All I care about is that this young man can lead his team, wins his games and is a good christian.
That’s enough for me.
God Bless You Tim. I hope to see you next time you come back to the Philippines. 😀

There’s something about sports that utilizes a lead blocker, they simply catch my fancy.

Even when I am initially uninterested about the sport and I learn that the game has blocking involved in its strategy I instantly start liking it.

Lets take for example Lance Armstrong (cycling) and Michael Schumacher (F1 racing). I mean one guy just pedals as fast as he could, the other just puts the pedal to the metal, both need to ensure they don’t crash. Please do not tell me they each have Pit Crews, Pit Crews do not drive, they do not stay on the road, they maintain. They are part of the team, but they are not in the heat of things.

But when I learned that Lance Armstrong has a squad of blockers with him, and that Schumacher had Barrichello, I went hey it really is a true team sport. Continue reading

Feels like I’m on a roll 3 posts in as many days. I guess I still have plenty of adrenaline to burn up after the run.

Or does physical activity make a minute portion of my brain squeeze out more of the creative juices?

Running is my muse? Well weirder things have happened.

“Chay sumali kami sa Nike Run ngayong October, gusto mo sumali? Sali ka na. Masaya yun Pre.”

(“Chay, we signed up for the Nike run this October do you want to join? C’mon. It will be fun Dude.”)


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Sorry guys I’m not here to talk shop about fantasy basketball.

I will leave that to the experts.

I just realized after a season’s hiatus (reason explained here), that the NBA playoff’s is under way.

Let me just say right now, if the Heat win the NBA finals I will play Fantasy Basketball next season.


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