Two Thumbs App are thoughts about apps I tend to recommend to my friends every time we meet up. I have a tendency of going.

“Dude do you have this app? Well get it. ¬†Get this one too, while your at it.”

Well to make it simple for everyone I know, I’ll place the reason why I like it here on my blog so you guys can always look it up.

Now this post has been in the draft section for quiet some time. Like most of my posts.

It just so happened my friend Jotay suggested the series title (Thumbs App) and here we go.

Do take note none of the developers are paying me a single cent for any of these posts.

I wish.

Let’s just say if I have a man crush on an app, I’ll write about it here.

Well a lot of people know I’ve been running lately. My app of choice for tracking my runs is Nike+.

Download This!!

Download This!!

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