I’ve always thought about putting up a blog.

But what’s keeping me from putting up one is the fact that I have no idea what to put in. I mean babbling away about anything just doesn’t sound very streamlined to me.

But then again, I thought to myself, I’m writing, I’m putting my thoughts into it. ¬†Hey I’m always doing the typing.

Something consistent there I think.

WOW!! Holistic Leap!! (DOH!)

So here I go, I’ll try to put up things that catch my fancy or about the things I like doing from time to time.

Of course please don’t expect much from what I put in here though.

My literary writing skills aren’t exactly considered amazing or even flat out decent.

If we we’re playing some World Of Darkness game. (Aha! RPG. A topic in the future.) I do not have a single dot in writing.

Thanks for visiting. Comments are of course welcome.