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Texting My President: 003

Disclaimer: Do not ask me to buy Durian for you. I can tell you where to buy though. This is a work of fiction.

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Texting My President: 002

IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1734  IMG_1736Disclaimer: Please do not ask me to text our President to give you a special sticker that exempts you from number coding. This is a work of fiction.


Texting My President: 001

Disclaimer: Please do not send me requests to ask him to kill your addict next door neighbor. Kindly use the right channels for that. Also, I will not risk my President’s life by sharing you our text. This is a work of fiction.

Text 0001

This was right before he got inaugurated. I would have gone. But I have work.

Text 0002

This was the week after. God Bless You Mister President.

I somehow got the chance to watch Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time.

To think its a year from its initial release.

When I was a kid watching Mad Max: The Road Warrior had a big effect on me.

I mean look at this Dude.

THE ROAD WARRIOR, (aka MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR), Kjell Nilsson as 'The Humungus', 1982.



The movie and also the third part of the series. Completely enamored me to the post apocalyptic genre.

Not to mention it gave me the idea how cool it looks to place ramshackle parts and weapons on to different kinds of vehicles.

I remember the type of toys my brother and I had back in the day.

I recall having the bulldozer van and the rampager car

I recall having the bulldozer van and the rampager car

MASK more 80’s cartoon goodness.

Yes I know I keep bringing up Dino Riders

Yes I know I keep bringing up Dino Riders

Once I started to explore other RPG systems outside of D&D, guess what came first?

I realized riding non-equestrian mounts is also my thing.

Riding weaponized non-equestrian mounts is also my thing

Clearly the movie had an influence on what I play and read.

Too bad, my friends and I never got to play Car Wars. View full article »

I forgot to hit publish after I made this.

And I know it is a bit late but I really wanted to get some of my garbled thoughts out of the way.

A few weeks before the election, my better half told me that there would be a last Miting de Avance by Digong’s political party at Quirino Grandstand.

She asked me if we could go.

Well honestly my face went blank. I was thinking the danger, the people, having her walk, the people, logistics, the people. Look I’m really not into crowds. I like talking to people. But in the middle of the crowd. No.

So the weeks passed and as I made my way to work I saw this.

Support POWER

Support POWER!!!!


I knew he did not have any funds for his campaign, and that people send out all the support they can.

This huge picture of him at the South Luzon Expressway just made me feel I should go support him, personally, in some way.

This is the first election I am all in. It was time to go to Luneta.

I’ll just paste pictures of us going there. I mean writing up about it would just be redundant to what everyone else did.


What is up with the clear lens? Impact protection Dude! Impact protection.

What is up with the clear lens? Impact protection Dude! Impact protection.

See that red blanket over me? It was a portion of a huge flag moving around.

I have to tell you. I was excited the first time I saw it.

“By!!!  Look! Look! Look! The Philippine FLAG!!!”

Then it moved in a different direction.


Then it probably went around and came back the other direction.


And yes it passed over us.

I do not know about you but looking at the flag wave in the air on a pole stirs up nationalistic pride in me.

What more a big flag blanketing you?

Oh and it passed over me twice.



Now to be honest, I was never this nationalistic.

Apathy was the key word back in the day.

But ever since Kuya Mar invited me to our church. I am not sure if I could state the name here in my blog. Ask me personally.

Remember Kuya Mar? I talked about him here.

We’ve been taught how to love our country.

And as the years passed. Yes it took years.

I care a lot about the Philippines now.

It started slowly. I recall getting angry seeing the flag getting wet in the rain.

(side note I asked HR to do something about it. It gets taken down when it rains.)

Yes I may hate the traffic. Yes I hate the sleazy politicians. Yes I hate how undisciplined people are.

But someone has to love and pray for our country.

Oh I have to tell you. When he, Digong, came out. And he kissed the Philippine Flag on the stage. I did not feel he did it for show. I felt the sincerity of the act. And when he says “I Love My Country.” I feel it too.

None of those other candidates say that. That’s all I want. I believe its what we need.

And since I prayed for a change. I pray that Digong is a catalyst to start it.

Zeitgeist. Let’s pray for a change in Zeitgeist.

After that we went home. I was happy to see people selflessly picking up garbage. I admit to picking some.

Then we went to church the next day.

And this was shared.

Well not the whole thing.

Go to the forty (40) minute mark. And that part was shared.

When that shot of the facility handling balikbayan boxes came out, I was sad.

And if you love the Philippines you will feel sad.

OFWs. It’s the number one industry as declared by our politicians.

Industry? That’s people. Industry?

When Ma’am Aurora sang Edelweiss, it was heart crushing.

I do pray that someday our country will change to the point that we will not send our countrymen to serve other nations.

We should stop seeing more and more kids saying goodbye to their mothers.

The day after I voted, I am hoping for that to happen soon.


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